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Easy Fish Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Fish CraftFish Craft

This is such an easy craft. With children and activities, anything can be turned into the most awesome and fun craft ever. It is all in the attitude and quality, not the materials or how much money you spend on it.

You need:
– small (7-inch) round paper plates (one per child)
– tacky glue (this one is really cool) or thin double-sided tape (1/4 inch per child)
permanent marker
– stickers (we like glittery ones)

1. Cut a triangle out of the plate. Do not discard the triangle that was cut. This will become the tail.
2. On the opposite side from the triangle, put one drop of tacky glue on the edge of the plate. Glue the tail on (thin side is attached (glued) to the edge of the plate and the wider side is floating in the air (see picture below).
3. Use permanent marker to draw an eye.
4. Use stickers to decorate.
You can get creative and decorate any way you want. You can use strands of yarn, ribbon, markers, paint, stamps, you name it. 🙂
You can also punch out a hole on the top, tie some ribbon or yarn and hang somewhere to make a fun mobile.




  1. So cute! Yesterday we did a fun monkey craft but it had so many steps that we adults had to help them with a lot of the cutting. Your fish craft will be loads of fun for my little guys to do. Very little adult help needed! Pinning!


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