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Easy Bunny Rabbit Puppet Craft

Isn’t this cute? It was super easy, too. Read on to learn what you need to make this.
1. Paper bag for each child
2. Scissors
3. Tacky glue
4. 2 googly eyes for each child
5. Cotton balls (about 4-6 per child)
6. White or cream cardstock or foam cards (for ears, whiskers, nose and teeth)

1. Pull cotton balls apart to fluff them up.
2. Glue the cotton onto the bottom of the brown paper bag.
3. Glue the googly eyes on.
4. Cut out 2 ears, 2 teeth, a nose and 6 whiskers out of the cardstock or foam card and glue them all on to make a cute face.
5. Make a play with the puppets and have fun.




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