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Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More for Summer!


We had so much fun with our ice Legos! The possibilities are endless, but I will share a few of the things we did with our ice Legos, including using the light table.

We hope you will be inspired to make so of your own after you see how awesome these ice Legos are!

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

Materials for Ice Legos

First, we got our ice Legos ready. It was an easy process.

We used:

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

Steps to Making Ice Legos

1. Add about 1 cup of water in each disposable plastic cup.

2. Add 2 drops of food coloring to each cup. I stuck with the four basic colors (red, blue, yellow and green), but you can make your own mixes.

3. Place molds on a cookie sheet to keep them even and to make it easier to put in the freezer and take out.

4. Pour the colored water into the molds. Put the cookie sheet with the molds in the freezer. Keep them in overnight or until they are completely frozen.

5. Take the ice Legos out of the molds and place in a container or a zipper plastic bag (gallon-sized) and put back in the freezer until you are ready to use them. Remember, they will melt quickly if left out.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

Light Table Ice Legos & More for Summer

The very first thing we did with them was place the ice Legos on a light table. Don’t they look amazing?!

It was fun listening to my two little ones talk about how cold they are, how they look different when placed on the light table and on their hand and how great it was to build ice Lego cities for the ice Lego people.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

They matched the ice Legos by shape, by color and even sorted them and counted them after they sorted them.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

The ice Lego people looked so cool standing up straight on the light table surface.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

With the ice Legos, they built buildings, towers, bridges and “igloo homes,” as they called them.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

They even competed on how long they could hold an ice Lego in their hand without letting go.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

Swishing the ice Legos around was the activity that gave them the most giggles and even loud laughs.

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

Then, we took the ice Legos, the ice Lego people and the ice in the cooler outside and explored them out in the Summer sun. They discovered three things:

1. The ice melts faster in the sun than indoors.

2. They can use the ice Legos to write on the sidewalk.

3. They can EAT the ice Legos!

They really enjoyed these activities. I did, too. It was an epic experience. It was perfect for Summer! My children LOVED it all and were talking about it for days!

They are asking me when we are doing it again. 😉 That is always a good sign.

Here are some Lego molds to consider:

Which activity will you try first?

Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More!

P.S. Thank you to our friends who made it possible! 🙂 We appreciate you!

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