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Family / Homeschool Rules


I got this canvas on clearance at Michael’s for about $4 or so.
It is 12×24 inches.
I had never done anything like this before, so that’s my excuse for it not turning out perfect.
1) I used acrylic paints, foam brushes, a thin brush for the phrases and painter’s tape. 
2) Some stripes are 1.5 inches wide and and some are 2 inches wide, just to keep it interesting. 
3)I put on the painter’s tape and painted every other stripe. 
4) When those dried, I painted the in-betweens and let those dry. 
5) Then, I made tiny marks with pencil so I could see where the middle of each stripe was. 
6) I wrote (very lightly) the phrase on each stripe and went over it with the thin brush and black acrylic paint.
7) Let dry and hang.
I think it turned out a lot better than I expected. I know it isn’t perfect, but I wanted something homemade, original (one of a kind) and custom-made. 
In the end, I took out “TREAT OTHERS KINDLY” because it was similar to “USE KIND WORDS” and “HELP EACH OTHER” and added “WAIT YOUR TURN” instead because it is important to have that in our family rules.
I had fun making it. The picture shows the top purple stripe (RULES) and the royal blue stripe (USE KIND WORDS) to be too dark, but in person, it is actually pretty easy to read everything. It’s just the way my phone took the picture.
Would you ever venture out and make something like this?

Stephanie Bruce Tristan wrote in a homeschooling FB group (used with permission):  

This is what is on our wall:
Deut. 6:1-18. Education is to learn about God; how we works in all things and is above all things. We learn in order to glorify God.
Lev. 19:18 and Matt. 7:12: Love others and cultivate family as we learn together.
Col. 3:23-24. Whatever we do, we aim to do our best for God.
Ephesians 6:1 and Col. 3:20. Obey Mommy and Daddy
Prov. 10:4-5. No play until the work is done. This means even, and especially anything electronic.

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