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First Day of Homeschooling Eve


Well, here we go, folks! It’s the night before we officially start the homeschooling adventure. I’m excited and nervous and overwhelmed and did I mention excited? 😀
I am ready, the materials are ready, the lesson plans, the schedule, etc, etc.

The Pros:
+ I can take it as slow or as fast as I need/want
+ Learning takes place at home, which is a safe and loving place
+ We make our own schedule, so there’s no stress in “getting behind”
+ K is already very advanced, so any headway we make is already “the cherry on top”
+ K really loves learning, so it shouldn’t be too hard

The Cons:
– My baby girl, A, is only 5 months old, so her schedule is unpredictable at times (I really hope she cooperates and gets into a groove that supports K’s homeschooling)
– K is very strong-willed and can be very stubborn (plus, he’s 2.5, so it’s common for his age to be testing limits), so that makes me nervous
– We want to tackle potty training during these summer weeks and that is a challenge in and of itself

My Top 10 Goals for K this year (2012):
+ Learn the alphabet (met)
+ Learn the letter sounds (met)
+ Read 500-800 words (met)
+ Read in complete sentences of at least 5 words (met)
+ Memorize 3-5 Scripture verses
+ Count to 100 (he can already count to 40)
+ Learn Odd and Even numbers
+ Count by 10s, 5s, 2s
+ Spell own name (getting close)
+ Familiarize himself with calendar, including months, days, weather, etc.

My Top 10 Goals for A this year (2012):
+ Learn to take a bottle with expressed milk
+ Learn to drink out of a sippy cup (met)
+ Sleep in her own room
+ Begin eating solid foods
+ Sit up without support
+ Crawl, scoot, whatever
+ Clap and play games such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake
+ Pull up to a standing position and cruise
+ Start feeding herself

I’ll revisit these goal every few weeks to make sure we’re on track, especially with A because these are important developmental milestones. If they’re met with K, great! If they’re not, it’s not a huge deal, we’ll keep working on them until they’re reached.


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