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Homemade Laundry Detergent and Softener Recipes

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Click here to see the recipe I have used for years and is wonderful.
Here, I have included my personal notes.
–  2/3 bar ZOTE (1/2 cup)
Note: the recipe says “Fels Naptha or ZOTE,” but I looked
at the ingredients and I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the
ingredient list in the Fels Naptha. Even though the ZOTE
does contain fragrance, it is in smaller quantities and the
list of ingredients is better, so I use ZOTE flakes
–  1  1/4 cup washing soda
Note: It is commonly found as a safe ingredient in laundry
–  1  1/4 cup borax powder
Note: Is borax safe or not? Click here to find out.
–  Essential oils of choice
Note: I like to use Thieves or Purification (by Young Living)
to take care of stains, odors, mold, etc, but every once in a
while I like to switch it up and do Cinnamon Bark or
Lavender. Once, I even used Orange essential oil.
–  A small stock pot (big enough to fit at least 14 cups)
Note: I find that a pot will hold everything well, but it is
close to the edge. A small stock pot would give you more
“wiggle room.”
–  A whisk
This can be plastic, nylon or metal. Be careful if you are
using a metal one as it may scratch the bootom or sides of
the pot while stirring.
–  A bucket with a lid that will hold at least 4 gallons of liquid.
Note: We use a kitty litter bucket. We rinsed it off and
thoroughly washed it with soap. It works great.
–  A 1/2 cup or measuring cup for pouring soap for every load
I like keeping a 1/2 cup container by our soap. That way, I
know exactly how much to put in each load. As the water
in the cycle is pouring, I put my laundry soap in and rinse it
off for next use.
–  OPTIONAL: Smaller (1 quart) containers with lids (about 5 or 6).
Note: Once the soap is ready, you won’t want to keep it all
in the big bucket, or at least we don’t like having a kitty
litter bucket in our laundry room. I also don’t like having to
stir the bucket every time I am going to use it. Putting it in
smaller containers (such a rubbemaid) with lids makes it
easy to shake before pouring.


How to Make the Laundry Detergent

1.  If you didn’t get the Zote that is already sold in flakes (so practical), then grate the soap.
2.  Put grated soap in a sauce pan.
3.  Add 12 cups of water
4.  Turn stove on to medium heat until the soap melts all the way. Don’t let it boil. It isn’t necessary.
5.  Remove from heat and mix in both the washing soda and the borax.
6.  Stir well using a whisk until they have dissolved completely.
7.  Add 8 cups of hot or warm water into the big bucket.
8.  Pour the soap mixture you made into the bucket and stir very well.
9.  Add another 2.5 gallons of water and stir very well.
10. Add essential oils of choice. I most definitely trust Young Living products only. For a batch that big, I like to add 10-20 drops. Add 10 for a subtle fragrance, twenty for a stronger one.
11.  Let the soap mixture sit in the bog bucket for about 12-24 hours until it “sets.”
12. (Optional, highly recommended) Transfer the soap to the smaller containers for added practicality and ease of use.

Use about ½ cup per load (more for extra soiled items).

I am a Young Living essential oils distributor. You can order from this website.
DIY dryer balls


For instructions on how to make homemade dryer balls, click here. They are great to use instead of dryer sheets.



–  1 bar (4.5oz) grated bar of soap (I like Zote)
–  1 cup borax
–  1 cup washing soda
–  20-30 drops essential oil of choice (I really like Purification, Lemongrass and Orange by Young Living)

1. Mix all dry ingredients together very well. If the powders have too many lumps, consider using a sifter.
2. Add the essential oils and mix well.
3. Keep in a glass or a stainless steel container.
4. Use only 1 tablespoon per load.


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