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Homemade Natural Deodorant Recipe


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I have since switched to a glass container.

My concoction:
Baking soda (aluminum free)
Celtic sea salt or Himalayan Salt
Organic cornstarch or organic arrowroot powder
-Essential oils that you like (therapeutic grade, 100% pure)
Tip: I am a Young Living essential oils distributor. You can order from www.youngliving.com (click here to go to the link) and use my distributor number to order if you’d like (1498096).
Makeup puff (like you’d use for pressed powder make-up)
Glass container

Joy Organics - Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil

Organic coconut oil
Organic jojoba oil
Organic vitamin E oil

Mix equal parts of baking soda, salt, and cornstarch.
Add 10-20 drops of the essential oils.
Mix in well.

This will make it powdery. If you prefer it to be a bit “wet”, then add some coconut oil and/or Vitamin E oil to make it a bit pastier. These supposedly help make the mixture more effective.

Use the poof to put on armpits or any other areas in the body that need to stay dry. It might take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to not using antiperspirant, so you might need to wipe with an organic baby wipe with witch hazel and apply twice a day until the adjustment happens.

Personal note: I used 1 tablespoon of each powder. Mixed well. Then I added 10 drops of tea tree oil and 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil. Mixed well. I like mine powdery, but not too dry because then it doesn’t “stay” very long. So I added coconut oil (you can add any of the above-mentioned oils) until it reached a mildly clumpy, but still dry consistency. I have Vit E oil, but didn’t use it in this batch. I’ll try it in the next one, I guess.

Another thing, the sea salt in the mixture doesn’t itch my skin, even right after shaving. I don’t have sensitive skin, though, so if you do, maybe make a tiny batch and try no salt or half the amount and try it.

This amount usually lasts me a couple of month (sometimes I used it twice a day).

Other recipes I’ve found:
– One of the best deodorants is plain old baking soda. You can pat it right onto your skin or mix it with a little cornstarch for extra staying power and moisture control. Try 1/2 cornstarch and 1/2 baking soda. Some readers say that mixing in anti-bacterial tea tree oil makes it even more effective.
– Use Milk of Magnesium dabbed on with a cotton ball



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