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Homemade Sugar Body Scrub

We made these super easy sugar body scrubs at our MOPS meeting.
It is 100% edible, and it smells so good, but don’t do it, hahaha!

organic sugar (about 6 oz)
organic coconut oil (about 2 oz), softened or melted
essential oil of choice (we used eucalyptus and some ladies preferred tea tree)
– 3 spoons
– 1 mason jar or any glass jar with tight lid (8 oz)

You have 3 spoons. One spoon will be for pouring the sugar, one will be for pouring the coconut oil and one will be for mixing.
1. The sugar-to-coconut oil ratio is 3:1. With the sugar spoon, pour 3 spoonfuls of sugar into the jar and with the coconut oil spoon, drop one spoonful of coconut oil into the jar.
2. With the mixing spoon, mix both very well. Mush them together against the inside of the jar.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the entire jar is full or almost full. It is easier to mix a few spoonfuls at a time than to try to mix a lot in that small a jar.
4. Assess your scrub. If you want it to be more scrubbing for tougher areas, add more sugar so it is grainier. If you want it to be a milder scrub and more moisturizing, use more coconut oil to make it more creamy.
5. Add a few drops (10-20 drops) of your essential oil of choice and mix all the way through.


It may be kept in the shower, with a tight lid.
1. When you get in the shower, get your body wet.
2. With clean hands, open the sugar body scrub jar and take a handful (with your 4 fingers).
3. Scrub any areas that need polishing on your body. The usual ones are elbows, knees, back of neck, heels, but any areas on the body will benefit from less dead skin cells.
4. Do this as often as needed, but no more than once a week.

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