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Quick, easy and healthy lunch ideas for homeschoolers (or anyone)

I was asking around with friends and homeschooling websites about what they do for lunch on homeschooling day.

I was obviously looking for something healthy, easy, delicious, kid-friendly and quick. Was I asking for too much? Not really. I was inspired to put this together and share what I collected. So, I take no credit, just happy to get such great ideas and pass along.
I hope this helps and inspires you as much as it did me!
I wanted an easy way to keep the ideas together, but have a big glance (to know what is repeated a lot and to keep other ideas to try visible). At first, I thought of making the post-it notes (cut in half) and put the week’s lunches on my desk calendar (hanging on my fridge), but they would take up a lot of room, as our calendar days get pretty filled up.
So, I thought of putting them in a folder (see picture above). Then I thought of labeling them (like my recipe box).
I came up with these categories:
1. Beef
2. Chicken & Eggs
3. Pork
4. Fish
5. Pasta & Processed
6. Vegan & Vegetarian*

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*Please don’t be insulted that I used both together. I could say “Meatless,” I guess.
As you can see, the categories are color-coated.
I wrote about 8-10 ideas under each category.
As I come up with more ideas, I can add them or switch them out every once in a while or with every season. For example, during summer, we might have more salads and smoothies and during the winter, we might have more soups and homemade breads.
What I’ll do is that, whenever I use an idea, I turn it upside down. I hope it works out well.
Some ideas take 15 minutes or less to prepare, but others require preparation ahead of time (so just thawing and heating is required). I will make a point at remembering to double recipes for stuff that can be used for these lunches.
Sides were not always included, but they can be:
Cheese sticks
Homemade applesauce
Blob of pb
Cottage cheese
Rice cake
Avocado slices
Here are some of the ideas I collected:
1. Beef
Hawaiian buns for mini burgers
Beef and veggie soup
Roast beef, bagel sandwiches
Cheesesteak eggrolls (from allrecipes.com)
2. Chicken & Eggs
Eggs and toast
Chicken noodle soup
Hard-boiled eggs and bagels with cream cheese
Organic chicken nuggets
Sliders with chicken salad
Chicken parmesan sandwich (made with organic chicken nuggets -allrecipes.com)
Breakfast casserole (hash browns, eggs, bell peppers, ham is optional, etc)
3. Pork
Fried rice
Grass-fed hotdogs
Chopped hotdogs in scrambled eggs
Eggs and bacon
Pulled pork leftovers
4. Fish
Fish sticks
Tuna salad and toast
Fish cakes (allrecipes.com)
Fish chowder (allrecipes.com)
5. Pasta & Processed
Organic mac & cheese (obviously)
Sandwich with grass-fed ham and cheese
Sandwich with grass-fed turkey meat
Sandwich with salami? (Maybe…I never use this)
Quesadillas with deli meat
Buttered noodles
Pasta soup
Lunch meat cheese rollups
Stackers (crackers, pepperoni or deli meat squares, cheese squares)
6. Meatless
Rice cakes, pb&j, fruit
Hummus, crackers, celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks
Pancakes, fruit, yogurt
Rice and beans
Veggie dip and pita bread
Grilled cheese sandwich and veggie broth or tomato soup
Bagels, cream cheese, fruit
Oatmeal casserole
Cheese pizza with veggies
Gluten-free breakfast cereal, almond milk, fruit
Potato salad sandwich
What do you think?
Do you have any must-haves in your home?
Is there anything your kids ask for regularly?
Feel free to share your ideas! I’d love to include them!



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