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Spanish Lessons for Preschoolers and Kindergartners (Part 1)

Here, you will see lessons on: 

I am currently teaching Spanish and French in our homeschool co-op (ages 1-5) and additionally Mandarin Chinese to my children. 
The only thing I stress is that I make sure they notice and know which language we are working on at the time. They switch gears rather easily and do very well. Even those who do both French and Spanish with me (on different days) haven’t had a problem. I haven’t thought of a strategy on how to teach languages to youngsters because I haven’t really encountered the need to have one. 
My 2 year old was mixing letters. She knew all the letters in the alphabet in both English and Spanish, but she’d say some in English and some in Spanish. She is now getting better at differentiating them a bit more. 
Hope this helps.

Practicing Spanish (The Vowels) We learned them along with sign language. He is saying “U” here.

Spanish: Los Números (The Numbers)
Learn the numbers from 0-10 with a song.
“Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Seis, Siete
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Seis, Siete
Ocho, Nueve y Diez
Ocho, Nueve y Diez
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Seis, Siete”
Stand in front of numbers called.
Stand in front of the number that says how old you are.
Activity: Put the correct number of stickers as the numbers in Spanish.
This time, we just did 1-3.
Spanish: Los Números 1-5
Materials: toilet paper rolls, construction paper, double-sided tape,
black marker, pipe cleaners, cardboard, hot glue gun.
Use the cardboard as a base. 
Cover the rolls with construction paper. 
Write the digits and number words in Spanish.
Hot glue rolls together and then to the base.
Fold pipe cleaner 2/3s of the way.
Make flowers with the numbers.
Use leaves that are color-coded to show where they belong.
Number one vase has one flower, the number two vase has two flowers, etc.
End product. The child can play the game of taking the flowers out and matching them up again and again.
Spanish: Review and Zero

We practiced:
-hola (hello)
-buenos días (good morning)
-las vocales (the vowels) with sign language
-los números (the numbers) 1-10 with sign language
-introduced “cero” (zero)
-stamped on paper matching numbers
-and played the kids’ all-time fave: The Flyswatter Game” to practice the numbers. I’d say a number in Spanish and the child swats it. It was fun.

Spanish: Greetings

Imagine that you are at my door and want to come in. Look down. You will see “HOLA” on my welcome mat.
Now imagine that you are leaving my home after a sweet visit. As you come to the door to leave, look down. You will see “ADIOS” on my mat.

This was a great way to introduce these two words. I put this copy on the floor and went over the coming in and going out a few times. It was fun.

These are a few of the greetings we learned. We also sang a couple of songs with motions (see above and below) to reinforce the greetings.

Spanish: Greetings
(Sing to the tune of London Bridge)
Hola, hola
Cómo estás? Cómo estás? Cómo estás?
Hola, hola
Cómo estás?
Mucho gusto.
Spanish: El Alfabeto
Today, we learned the Spanish alphabet rap and sign language for all the letters in the alphabet. I have the best students!

Yesterday, we started to learn the alphabet in Spanish. Please keep the handout I gave the kids because we will be using it for several weeks. I wrote the pronunciation under each letter (with Spanish pronunciation). We did A to M. Next week, we’ll do the rest and they will learn a rap. It is kind of fast, so I wanted them to be introduced to the names of the letters first.

Spanish: El Alfabeto (The Alphabet)
Today, we reviewed the vowels, the numbers (1-10) and the letters. We practiced the letters of the alphabet with the additions (ch, ll, ñ, rr) and they did great!

I have alphabet stickers. I’d secretly pick one and the first person to say its name in Spanish would get that sticker. They were having fun. The cool thing was that if someone was a little behind, I’d ask that person specifically for the name of a letter and no one complained. They were so respectful. We are definitely playing this again, at least until I run out of stickers, hehe.


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