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Fun Games to Play Outside {70+ Ideas!}

This is the post that you have been waiting for! Are you ready to see this super long list of fun games to play outside? We have 70+ ideas for you to look into and enjoy doing with your children this summer or anytime when the weather is nice outside. Most of them can be done with a variety of ages, simply by adjusting the level of activity.

Fun Games to Play Outside {70+ Ideas!}

Many families have time off during the Summer. Sometimes, it is hard to find activities that children can do that aren’t linked to technology. Well, here is a great list of activities to do outside. Children will have so much fun playing with you and with each other.

They can play outside while you watch from the sidelines or you can join it with all the fun! Make it a family set of activities that you can do throughout the Summer.

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Let’s Get Messy, Wet and Healthy!

Fun Games to Play Outside {70+ Ideas!}

  • Make some healthy and yummy popsicles for these hot summer days! To get some fantastic recipes, go here.
  • Go to the local splash pad (water park) or the community swimming pool to cool off on hotter days.
  • Take a handful of washable paints and paintbrushes and paint outside! We love using butcher paper and either tape it to our driveway or to a wall outside the house. Make sure the paints are washable.
  • Make super awesome-tasting smoothies to keep you cool, hydrated and healthy! For recipes, go here.
  • Blow some bubbles! Nowadays, they sell all kinds of different shapes and sizes for bubbles. Get creative and play around with those wonderful entertainers! The glycerin bubbles last longer (they don’t pop as quickly or easily).
  • Color with thick chalk on the sidewalk. Make beautiful summer creations or make this a teachable opportunity and teach your little ones to draw or to write letters and numbers. We love this rainbow chalk so much!

Let’s Get Moving!

Fun Games to Play Outside {70+ Ideas!}

This is a post that I wrote for Hip Homeschool Moms. I am so excited to share a little bit of it with you right now, but I would LOVE for you to go to their blog to read the rest of the post. To go to the complete post called Fun Games to Play Outside {70+ Ideas!}, CLICK HERE.



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