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We Found a Math Program that We Enjoy

GPALOVEMATH is a new web-based Mathematics program by Great Parents Academy (GPA) LEARN that goes from Kindergarten up to the fifth grade. It brings a unique ability for students to complete a grade’s worth of work in 10 months by using this program 4 times per week. I am happy to bring you a complete assessment and review of this Math program, as a former public and private school teacher and now as a homeschooling mother.

We Found a Math Program that We Enjoy


There are different ways to follow the program. They are divided by topics and one can pick the order or choose to follow the recommended order of topics. This is helpful to know what to do if parents aren’t sure where to start or to find topics that need to be reinforced and practiced more.

Each lesson is divided into three parts: Instruction, Practice and Quiz. A narrator or coach guides the student through the instruction to teach him/her what the lesson is about and how to solve the problems. If the topic seems easy for the student, he/she can skip the Instruction part and go straight to Practice. If the student gets stuck and doesn’t know how to solve a problem, he/she can use the three lifelines offered to go back to the instruction part to learn more.

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

How GPALOVEMATH Improves Skills

The Practice is very helpful and encouraging. The coach walks the student through the problems and offers a lot of feedback. Having three lifelines is great because it provides the student with more clues and feedback on how to solve the Math problems. Some problems have visual cues for solving them, but others help them practice mental math, which is great.

GPALOVEMATH is a web-based program, so it can be used on mobile devices, tablets or computers. If using a computer (like we are), my children have learned how to use the trackpad instead of a mouse. It also asks students to trace numbers and number words. This improves fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and dexterity.

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

The Faces of Success with GPALOVEMATH

In my children’s eyes, the quiz part is their favorite. It is a 10-question Quiz to assess how well and how much they learned during that lesson. If they get 10 out of 10 correct answers, they are “Rockstars.” That is what my children shoot for. If they don’t get 10 out of 10 right in their Quiz, they ask to redo it. They want to master the lessons before moving on. No complaints there on my part. They earn and accumulate points as they complete lessons.

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

There is a Motivation section in the program, which is great. Parents can pick or make their own prizes or incentives for children as they complete lessons and accrue points. One that we all love is the Marketplace option. They can actually choose to earn a $10 gift card to Toys R Us when they reach a certain number of points. Now that was exciting, but the best part is seeing their excited faces when they complete a lesson and do well in it. I love to see these happy faces.

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

 My Honest Opinion on GPALOVEMATH

I had concerns that since GPALOVEMATH is Common Core compliant, that it wouldn’t be the best option for our family. Honestly, my children have completed about 20 lessons each so far and we haven’t had an issue with any odd Common Core formatting or wording. I like how their lessons are set up and how it gives us options to move forward or go back to relearn or to reinforce topics.

Bottom line, our family really enjoys GPALOVEMATH. My children ask for it daily. It has now become a routine. We open it up right after we are done with breakfast every morning. The do at least one lesson per weekday, but when really involved in a particular topic, they have asked to do as many as 4 lessons per day (back to back).

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

I know that online and screen time should be limited and we do that here at home. But when it comes to these kinds of activities, I’d rather have them complete the lessons that they love than be sitting idle. Each lesson can take an average of 10-13 minutes, which is fantastic.

The great thing is that for the beginning lessons (that were more of a review for my children), they would take as little as 5 minutes because they could skip the Instruction portion of it and just do part of Practice and then the Quiz. This is why I let my oldest do 4 in a row (each took about 5 minutes to complete). On the other hand, one particular lesson that was completely new to my oldest, he took 22 minutes to complete. But he learned so much and he was successful. Isn’t that wonderful?

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

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One more thing to point out is that parents receive an email every time each child completes a lesson. And parent receive a weekly email with a summary of total lessons completed during that week as well as a breakdown of each lesson including lesson title, date completed, duration, outcome, quiz grade, etc. It is so complete and so detailed. I am so glad that I can save these emails or print them out to keep in my homeschooling records.

GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program ReviewI highly recommend GPALOVEMATH. My youngest is doing Kindergarten Math right now and my oldest is doing First grade. We are looking forward to continuing our use of this program in addition to paper and pencil and hands-on materials. They used to have a one-year membership for each individual grade purchased, but they have now changed it to giving members access to all grades (K-5) for the entire year. This means that if you purchase this membership, all of your children will benefit from it for the entire year. How amazing!


Fantastic Printable Math Bundle {20 Sets}

$20.00 $7.99

Fantastic Printable Math Bundle

In this awesome Math printable bundle, you will get 20 sets (88 pages) of hands-on activities to help your kids learn. Many kids actually think that they are games! They learn while they play. Isn’t that fantastic?! This bundle is awesome because you can simplify many of the activities for younger kids and you can make them harder for older kids.

This Math bundle is a digital download and it includes:

Montessori Math

* Montessori Math Subtraction Facts – Presentation and Printable

* Montessori Math Lessons for Addition Printables

* Sense of Time Printable Set

* Montessori Number Rods

Math Activities

* Spanish Numbers Activity

* Roman Numerals and Ancient Rome Coloring Book

* Counting Apples Craft Free Printable Set

* Teddy bear addition

* Number Coloring Pages & 3 Part Card in 4 Languages

* Numbers 0-10 in Seven Languages (Bundle)

* US Coin Studies

Skip Counting 1s-9s

* Skip Counting 1s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 2s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 3s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 4s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 5s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 6s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 7s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 8s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 9s 3-Part Cards

Now, it’s your turn! Get this awesome bundle and use it with your kids!


GPALOVEMATH: Web-Based Math Program Review

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