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Homemade Sugar Detox Safe Brownies

These brownies are great! I was experimenting with different measurements and voilá! Delicious! Guilt-free! It can’t get better than that!
These are ok to eat during the sugar detox or anytime! 😀
You can substitute one simple ingredient to make it gluten-free and one simple ingredient to make it vegan, if you’d like.
Plus, they’re really fast to prepare!
Raw organic cacao (unsweetened) is considered a superfood because of all of its benefits. I love it! To read more, try this article.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Dry Ingredients:
– 1/2 cup flour (I used unbromated flour)
Tip: You can substitute this for a gluten-free version of all-purpose flour mix to make it gluten-free.
– 1 cup coconut sugar
– 1/4 tsp sea or kosher salt
– 1/4 cup organic raw cacao powder (unsweetened)
– 1/2 tsp baking powder (aluminum free)
Mix all dry ingredients well. Add wet ingredients.

Wet Ingredients:
1/2 cup of melted organic coconut oil
1 tsp organic vanilla extract
2 eggs (I used organic, cage free)
Tip: You can use 2 tbsp of ground flaxseeds soaked in 6 tbsp of lukewarm water for 3-5 min to
replace eggs and make it vegan.

Grease a small (6×6 or so) pan if you want thicker brownies or a 9×9 if you want a very thin batch (about 1/2 inch thick).
Put mixture in pan and bake for about 20 minutes. Keep an eye on them when they’re close to 20 minutes. They’re ready when toothpick comes out clean. Mine took 25, but the oven wasn’t completely preheated when I put them in.
The last about a week in the refrigerator.
I have made the gluten free version and they are really good, too. They don’t last as long, so make sure you eat them all within 2-3 days.


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