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DIY Dryer Balls Tutorial

DIY dryer balls

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Dryer sheets contain chemicals that are toxic to inhale and come in contact with through skin. You see, the “good smell” that makes your laundry smell fresh, is actually harmful to humans, pets, plants, and the air. The environment in general suffers from a pollution overload and these dryer sheets are releasing vocs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. Not good.

I made these dryer balls about two months ago and I love them! I read an article or a pamphlet somewhere on how to make them, but I seem to have lost the paper.
They aren’t hard to make them, so here it goes.
You need:
a hank of yarn, 100% wool (yes, it has to be 100% wool)
– knee-high nylons or old socks (one per ball)
essential oils (optional)
– washer and dryer

Make balls of yarn. Make sure to wrap it tight. I like to make them big, so I only got two out of the hank.
I got mine from Amazon and love it.
When the balls were tight and ends secure, I put each in a knee-high nylon (make a knot at the end of the nylons) and threw them in the longest wash cycle by themselves (no detergent). Then I threw them in the dryer by themselves for about an hour.
Over the next few days, I threw them in the wash with other clothes (and detergent). Then into the dryer to dry thoroughly. The point is to felt the outside of the balls so they don’t unravel.
It took about 5 wash and dry cycles for mine to be ready. I later heard that it’ll felt faster if you put the ball in nylons and then in old socks. I’m thinking it’d take longer to dry, but I’m willing to try that the next time I make some.
When you get the balls out of the nylons, some of the threads could’ve gotten stuck on the nylons. No big deal, just pull gently and slowly to separate them.
You will see that the top layer of the balls is smoother and can’t necessarily see each individual yarn strand.
You can put 3-5 drops of essential oils on each ball every few dryer cycles (I don’t use my dryer very much, so I do this once every week or every other week). This isn’t necessary, but it makes clothes smell very good.

These dryer balls, if made right, should last for years.

I am a Young Living essential oils independent wholesale member. You can order from this website.



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