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Lessons and Images about Rainforest Animals and Plants

When I was asked to review a curriculum called Rainforest Journey by EdTechLens, I definitely had to check it out! We LOVE learning about the rainforest, so this seemed to be perfect for us. And it was! Let me tell you why in this post.

Since my two children enjoy learning about the rainforest, I looked at what they had to offer in different levels. We opted for looking at the 1st Grade and 2nd Grade in depth. You can use one grade for 2-5 students in case you have children in the same grade or level or if you are using it a co-op setting, but different grades are purchased separately.

I like how the topics for each are similar, so they complement each other, but at the same time, they aren’t studying the exact same material and have different lesson reviews.

Lessons and Images about Rainforest Animals and Plants

First, let me tell you that Rainforest Journey is an online curriculum. Once we got our login information, we set up both accounts and got started! This is such a great curriculum! The pictures are huge and fantastic! They are so colorful and sharp, not to mention that this curriculum covers many animals and topics relating to them, like the layers of the rainforest.

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My son is 6 years old and is doing a 2nd grade part of Rainforest Journey. He is a great reader and is at the same level in other subjects. He enjoys looking at the pictures, watching the videos and listening to the recorded text. Listening to the recordings is optional because the text is right there.

Lessons and Images about Rainforest Animals and Plants

His assignments are very interesting and he looks forward to the Lesson Reviews (aka quizzes, but don’t call them that) to show himself how much he has learned in the lesson. If he doesn’t get a perfect score, he enjoys going back to redo the lesson (his own choice) to recapture the information. Here, you can see him drawing the rainforest floor freehand.

My daughter is going through the 1st grade curriculum. Her lessons are fun and engaging. She is interested and loves it when I call her to do her lesson. All the units are divided into chapters and the chapters are divided into lessons. Every lesson focuses on a different topic.

Lessons and Images about Rainforest Animals and Plants

The pictures are big and very relevant to the lessons. She is still learning to read, so she does opt to listen to the recorded text in the lessons. I find that very practical because she can do the lessons independently. When she is done with the lesson, I print out her Lesson Review sheets and we fill those out together. Here, you can see how the rainforest levels are pre-drawn (compared to my son’s 2nd grade freehand) and she colors each level as we study them.

So what do we think of Rainforest Journey? After using it 3-4 times a week with my two children, the three of us can say that we enjoy it very much. We are glad that we have reviewed this curriculum and plan on using it for the entire grade.

I recommend that you look into it for your children. I am sure they will enjoy it as much as they do. And did I mention how much they can learn in a fun way? Give Rainforest Journey a try!

Lessons and Images about Rainforest Animals and Plants

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