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Looking for a Way to get your Kids excited about the Bible?

We have been studying Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings, which is a Self-Paced Bible program that we are reviewing. It is a wonderful creation by our beloved company, Veritas Press. And let me tell you: this is an amazingly fun way get your kids excited about the Bible. It is also extremely easy for parents to follow along with no prep time at all. You can’t beat this!

Looking for a Way to get your Kids excited about the Bible?

Get your Kids excited about the Bible

This Self-Paced Bible program has several parts to it. We focused on one the Old Testament parts. It hones in on the books of the Bible that cover the judges of Israel up to the kings of Israel and Judah. Veritas Press did an amazing job. I am amazed at how thorough and informative it it for all of us. I sit with my children and learn right along with them!

I knew and read about the judges before, but now I know the dates, see maps on where each of the enemies lived and learn more details about the stories. It is fascinating to me to watch my children learn so much at their young ages. We simply love this program and we are excited to do a lesson every single weekday. It is part of our homeschool schedule. We do it right after breakfast.

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

What I love the most about this Self-Paced Bible by Veritas Press is that we are learning so much and that with every lesson, there are fun assessments to get your kids excited about the Bible. While they play the games, they are being asked questions about the current lesson and about past lessons.

To keep tabs on all the judges and the order of them, we made a timeline on our wall to keep track of the judge, the year (approximate) in which he/she judged, the country they fought against and where this story can be found in the book of Judges. It helps a lot, especially for us, who are visual learners.

Looking for a Way to get your Kids excited about the Bible?

Maps, Songs, Charts, and Games to Learn the Bible

We also enjoy the maps we see during the lessons. They make the stories more real to us and easier to understand where everything took place. My son (6.5 years old) is the one going through the assessments and the reading parts, but my daughter (4.5) and I sit with him during every lesson to learn and absorb all the information. It is so great to do this as a family!

I talked to my son about the lessons we have covered so far and he said that his favorite judge is Samuel because he was sent to live at the temple. Why? “Because it’s the best place to be!” He also likes Gideon because he only had 300 men and still won the battle against the Midianites. We all know why. God was on their side.

My ‘s favorite judge, she says, is Deborah. Really? Why? (I thought because she was a woman). Because of her song. She sang a song to the Lord after the battle was won against the Canaanites. She also likes the other female character in the story, Jael. I was shocked at how much she is picking up, just by sitting there to listen.

My favorite judge is Ehud because he is a lefty like me. As classical learners at home, we enjoy not only learning important material like this, but also discussing these stories. There is so much to learn from them! The most important thing for me is that we see God in them all!

Looking for a Way to get your Kids excited about the Bible?

Self-Paced Bible is just that: Self-Paced!

One thing I want to point out is that this program is SUPER easy for parents. There is NO prep work at all. All you do is sit at the computer, log in and run the next lesson. It is that simple. No papers to keep track of, no records, no time wasted. The quiz scores are kept in the program itself and parents can access them through their login info.

Having said that, I do wish that there was a way to get maybe a printable card for each story we study, with pertinent information like dates, where it can be found in the Bible and such. See, there is a super fun and catchy song that they sing in every lesson, listing the stories in order from Judges to Kings. It would be fun to have the lyrics for it or the list of the stories. It would also be awesome to have printable maps to track places and such.

This is just to make life easier. We do take notes for each story and I did print out a map with the 12 tribes of Israel. I just think that it would be cool to keep some of this info to review after we are done with the program. We are learning so much! I really want us to retain it.

In conclusion, I highly and completely recommend Veritas Press’ Self-Paced Bible to all families, homeschooling or not. There is so much wonderful information and so much learning that is Bible-based and Bible-focused. Get your kids excited about the Bible! Learn along with them and learn the awesome song to keep the stories straight! 🙂

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