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It’s Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

Updated for July 2016!

Welcome to this fantastic “It’s Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!” post! It is full of so much goodness for you all! You will love the long list of freebies and the long list of discounts for your homes and homeschools! Be sure to grab your freebies and discounts as well as share with your friends, co-op groups, other moms and teachers!

Disclaimer -> Some of these freebies and discounts are time-sensitive, which means that they have an expiration date. I will give you timeframes when I can, but some might change without prior notice, so I highly suggest you don’t put these off and get them while you can.

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

First, I am showing you a long list of freebies. Then you will see the list of discounts that will be hard to miss! Make sure you read through it all as some companies have both freebies AND even more discounts and freebies with orders that are placed.

Remember, these are all companies that we have used or are using in our homeschools, so you know that they are only recommended because we love them! Enjoy and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

It’s Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

Institute for Excellence in Writing  ** FREE ** through August 31, 2016! 
For Grades K-12

This summer, introduce your children to the joy of poetry! With Levels One and Two of  Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from the award-winning Institute for Excellence in Writing, you and your child will memorize up to 40 enchanting poems by notable poets, and in the process acquire an appreciation poetry that may last a life time!

~ ~ ~

Meet the Masters ** FREE ** through August 31, 2016! For Grades PreK-12

Meet The Masters is a multi-media online art curriculum for homeschool art students of all ages! This summer members can enjoy a subscription to Meet The Masters ABSOLUTELY FREE through August 31!

** Special FREE Bonus ** Also, get the official Meet the Masters Lesson Plans for Homeschool Planet to help you take full advantage of your free MathHelp subscription!

bcuw7wzkz_r2985_f6Music Instruction for Grades K-Adult  eMedia Music Academy  ** FREE ** through August 31, 2016! For Grade K-12

~ ~ ~

Multi-Subject Learning for Grades K-8: Always Ice cream for Girls, Clever Dragons for Boys ** FREE ** through August 15, 2016! It offers fun and relevant drills in core academic subjects embedded in a safe, engaging and rewarding environment.

~ ~ ~

Danika Cooley, author and owner of Thinking Kids Blog has an amazing (and HUGE) set of subscriber freebies. The list is too long to list, so go take a look yourself HERE! She’s got from a 3-year Bible study for kids to book studies, from note booking journals to printable posters and so much more!

~ ~ ~

Early Learning for Grades PreK-K: Miss Humblebee’s Academy ** FREE ** through August 31, 2016!

~ ~ ~

All-in-One Learning for Grades PreK-6: EducationCity  ** FREE ** through August 31, 2016!

~ ~ ~

Skills Practice for Grades 1-6: Portals School Courseware by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers  ** FREE **  60-Day Summer Subscription (expires August 31st, 2016)

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!Homeschool Copywork also has lots of freebies when you sign up for the free membership! You get to pick out which freebies you want of get them all! CLICK HERE to go to the main page to create your free membership. Once logged in, click on “BONUS! Products” to take a look at the list of freebies!

~ ~ ~

Math Help for Grades 5-12: MathHelp.com Including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, SAT Prep, ACT Prep, and much more! A $148+ Value!!

** FREE ** through August 31, 2016!

~ ~ ~

Fun Fitness for the Whole Family: Family Boot Camp from Family Time Fitness (for all ages)   ** FREE ** until August 31, 2016!

~ ~ ~

Homeschool Planner Free Trial: Homeschool Planet® — everything you need to organize your home AND your home school! Enjoy it FREE for 30 Days – No Credit Card Required

unnamedDaily Reading Record For Ages 1-18: Participate to win weekly prize drawing and a grand prize!

Free Kindle eBooks:

And now, to these unbeatable discounts!

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!Montessori by Mom is so much more than just Montessori; it can be for any family whose children love hands-on activities (which is everyone) and for parents who love easy-to-prepare and easy-to-use lessons because everything is included (which is pretty much everyone).

Enter the code to save $10 today!

I have three (3) coupon codes to use on the Little Passports website to get 15% off any subscription! These codes are limited and are expiring soon! Do you want one, two or all three? Simply comment below to let me know, enter a valid email address and I will message you the information and the code!
It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

iHomeschool Network has many helpful eBooks for moms, for homeschoolers and so much more! Not only are the amazingly priced, but they also have the code GETIDEAS to get an additional US$2.00 discount on any eBook!

Check out all of iHomeschool Network’s titles HERE and pick your favorites today!

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!

Have you ever heard of Dino Lingo? They are one of the best language curricula that I have seen! Not only do they have tons and tons of languages to choose from, but they also now have this amazing deal (look at picture to the right)!

We use their Latin, French, Greek and Hebrew programs and love them all! Click HERE to get yours while this sale is going on!

It's Time for Awesome Freebies and Amazing Discounts!Your children will LOVE StopMotion and comic book creation as well as come up with their own video games if given the chance! I know mine do!

When my 6-year old son made his own StomMotion movies, he was excited, felt accomplished and was so proud to create something so complex and complete!

Right now, Freshi has some amazing discounts on all their courses! Look HERE and be prepared to be amazed! This is the movie my son made (in case you wanted a reference). Also, try using the code FLONH25 for a 25% off discount. I haven’t checked it lately, but it should still work.

Here are some inexpensive and highly-rated eBooks that you might enjoy:

I hope you have found this post helpful and that you are now ready for your homeschool Summer and Fall! Enjoy your goodies and please share this post with your friends, with family and with other families! Thank you! I really appreciate you all!

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