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10 Important Manners for Awesome Kids to Have

A little bit of respect goes a very long way. It’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids have good manners. Manners are used daily, in your home and in public. Here are some tips to help your child become a polite and respectful person. Check out these 10 important manners for awesome kids to have.

Here are some tips to help your child become a polite and respectful person. Check out these 10 important manners for awesome kids to have.

General Manners at Home

It is extremely important for your child to use manners everywhere they go including their own home. When inviting people into your house, teach your kids to put others first. Offer them a drink, a seat and to take their coat and bags. These kind gestures will give the guest excellent first impressions of your child. Being polite and giving guests a warm welcome will make your child feel good about themselves and will also give your guest an excellent first impression.

Saying Please and Thank you

Saying please and thank you are the most simple manners every child should know. When asking for something, they should kindly say please. Once they receive it, ensure they say thank you and show their appreciation. When your child receives a gift, sending handwritten thank you notes is a very thoughtful and memorable gesture, just as polite skill such as learning to shake hands when meeting someone for the first time. It’s much nicer than sending a text!

Mealtime Manners

When it comes to meal times, kids can be very fussy eaters. It is important that you get them into the habit of using table manners at the dinner table. Rule number one is to have no technology at the table. Kids can become attached to smartphones or tablets and it is a big meal distraction. instead, talk to each other and keep a conversation going so the boredom does not hit.

Kids should also learn to use utensils properly, rather than eating most of their food with their hands. Using your hands is not always sanitary because they carry lots of bacteria. It is more hygienic and polite to use a fork or spoon. Teach your children to eat with their mouths closed and to not talk with their mouths full. It is unpleasant and disgusting for others to see what is in their mouth as they eat.

Ask Before Leaving the Table

Related to the mealtime manners above, kids should ask to leave the table instead of just leaving when they like. If others are still eating, it will appear that they are not interested in enjoying the meal with them or are too bored or busy to wait until they are done. Once everyone has finished eating, kids should put their dishes in the dishwasher or sink and offer a hand with the clearing up if they are old enough to do so.
Additionally, it is also polite to not reach over the table, but rather ask for something to be passed to them. This is part of good table manners.

Put Others First

Doing things such as holding doors open for others, lending your seat to someone else, stepping aside or just offering a hand are all simple and polite ways of putting others before yourself. Adults will notice the kindness and will appreciate it more than the child will know.

Here are some great resources that you might find helpful in teaching your children good manners at home:

Compliment People

Complementing people is a kind way to start any day. Make nice comments on their appearance or personality. It is a wonderful gesture that will put a smile on anyone’s face and will show that your child has manners.

Do not Interrupt Conversations

It is very rude for any child to interrupt a private conversation. Unless it is an emergency, teach your child to use words such as ‘excuse me’ or wait until the other person is finished speaking.

Cover your Face when Sneezing

If you are going to sneeze or cough, it is important that you cover your mouth. Children catch many colds, so this is an important thing for them to learn, and one which they will have plenty of opportunities to practice no doubt!
Here are some tips to help your child become a polite and respectful person. Check out these 10 important manners for awesome kids to have.

Consider Other Peoples’ Privacy

Always teach your children to knock on a closed door before entering, there it is a friend house or a family member is in a room in their house. This is something your child will appreciate when they reach adolescence and that will set healthy boundaries for everyone in the family!

Respect your Environment

This is a great social skill for kid to develop. Children should be taught to look after their possessions and those of other people. Teach them not to cause vandalism, and this includes not dropping litter outside. When taking public transport, show your kids to sit with their feet on the floor and not on the seat, as this is seen as disrespectful and rude.
Author Bio: Emily Dick currently writes about kids things on Whooops-a-Daisy, such as reviews of the best gifts and baby products. Emily is mom to one, toddler daughter Daisy, as well as an ever-expanding collection of cats.
Thank you so much for reading our guest post called: 10 important manners for awesome kids to have! These are some great manners to teach kids at an early age. It will be quite pleasurable for us to feel that our children learned good etiquette and learned to practice good manners since young. 
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