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The Best Outdoor Building Blocks ~ A Chalk Adventure

My children love to build. We have different kinds of building blocks sets, but I wanted to find the best outdoor building blocks that wouldn’t get as damaged and scratched. I found them! Here is a wooden set of building blocks, but they are painted over with chalk paint, so we can now draw on them with chalk! We can get creative and have our very own Art lessons for Preschoolers at home!

Come and read on our adventures, using this wonderful set of building blocks, which is so much more than just building blocks. We love these learning games for kids! You’ll see why.

The Best Outdoor Building Blocks

The Best Outdoor Building Blocks

Take a look. This is just what we did in one sitting and we had an amazing time! This is, hands down, the best outdoor building blocks set ever! We took our jumbo chalk, our rainbow chalkcolored chalk let our imagination run wild!

First, we imagined that we had a city, full of tall buildings with lots of windows. In one window, there were some crazy neighbors. Then, in the window next door, there was an apartment full of dogs that lived on their own (I don’t know why, hehe). Finally, in the building to the right, only firemen lived there and there was a pole to slide down all the way from the top of the building to the very bottom.

The Best Outdoor Building Blocks

In the middle of the buildings, there was a cute, typical home (my favorite). Then we created different types of transportation. We drew buses and bug cars and bikes. We also made a jet plane and a rocket. And the list goes on…

Before we knew it, giant insects, ugly spiders and slithery snakes were attacking that city and the brave firemen were sliding down the pole to come to the rescue. They saved the day! Yay! It is always good to have community heroes. My children jokingly said that next time, they would invite exterminators to move into that building, hehe.

The Best Outdoor Building Blocks

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And the Adventure Continues…

To read the rest of our activities with these chalk blocks, go over to Living Life and Learning HERE!

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