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Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

Do you know my blog well or have you started following recently? Did you know that this July it will be four years since we started our blog? Goodness! It has been such a journey!

If you have seen some of our oldest posts, you will definitely be able to see the progression of this blog and how much I have learned about writing and about graphics and images in blogging. There is definitely a learning curve to creating effective and great blog post images and here, I will show you some tips.

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

The image below is one in our second post ever. Can you count how many things are wrong with it? I can’t! But I can list the typical ones: no main image, it is blurry with my husband’s foot sticking out in it, no title for the post, no pinnable images in the post, no watermark, no editing at all. Need I go on?

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

Here is the graphic to a recent post. I have been working on getting better photography and I am also adding effects to the photographs. For this one, I used an effect called soft blur. I have found a great graphic editing and creating website that is affordable and very easy to use. I paid a nominal amount for the year and I can tell you, it is 100% worth it!

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

I have been working on better main image design to create nice and appealing main images for my posts. I want them to be creative, relevant and attractive. About 6 months ago, I discovered a great way to use stock photos for a small amount of money. The fun part is that once you pay for it, you can use it whenever you want.

I highly recommend it. See the image below? The photograph with the boy and the dinosaur is a stock photo, but I don’t just leave it there. I make the images fun with an attractive font and design around it. Can you see how you can create an effect that is personalized, even though you yourself didn’t take the photograph?

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

Let’s talk collages. When are collages used the most? We use them mostly for link parties, for posts that list a number of activities within it and also round-ups, which are a list of posts from around the web about one specific topic, not just posts from your own blog.

In these cases, don’t forget to give other bloggers the credit they deserve if you ever mention an activity or anything from them. Ok, back to creating better collage images. I have made many collages, but the key is to practice a lot to keep them creative and pretty. For collages, I also use my favorite design website.

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

Let me take a second to mention that if you have a blog that is self-hosted, you will have to pay for how much space your blog takes wit the host you pick. This is the hosting company I use, by the way. So, to save yourself room, make sure you save all of the images you make in the smallest setting possible, usually, try to get them under 100 pixels.

If you need to compress it further, then use this free website. I would advise to save both the better image and the smaller image. That way, when you use the images for your newsletter emails or to upload to your social media scheduler, you can use the better-quality  ones.

Also, I have been working on computer generated images for some of my pinnable images. You can see one below. I have many others. It takes practice, but it can be done! I have so many printables that I create to give for free to my readers, so it is important that I like to have an attractive main image as well as a pinnable image showcasing the free printables in the post.

You can see examples of this here and here. Also, if you are going to be offering free printables or even printables for sale, I would recommend you use a very helpful plugin that emails the free printables to the readers who request it. And then that email address goes to the list of contacts for my weekly newsletter. My subscribers list has been growing exponentially since I started using it.

Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

I hope this post has been helpful to you and that it will inspire you to give these tips a try. I haven’t arrived yet, but I have been practicing and learning so much. I am merely sharing information I have applied.

I know that having great images on your blog can definitely affect page views and conversions. To learn more about making money off of your blog, I highly recommend taking fantastic lessons online that will give you expert advice on these topics.

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Create Great Blog Post Images {Tips & Tricks}

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  1. Awesome tips! The graphic for the stop motion animation post really is eye-catching! I haven’t dappled in computer generated images much, but you’ve inspired me to look into it more.


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