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Drawing Around the World: USA

Drawing Around the World: USA

We love learning about our world, locations, landmarks, where important historical events took place and meaningful monuments. We are so excited to have discovered Brookdale House because they have a product that we are reviewing called Drawing Around the World USA (they also have the Drawing Around the World Europe, which looks awesome).

We simply love Geography. It is so important for us to learn about all of this in our homeschool. And, as much as we have studied all of these topics, we had never ventured into incorporating art with our geography by drawing countries and states, only continents. This book has taken our Geography studies to a much higher level. Let me tell you how.

Drawing Around the World: USA

Product that we used

We used Drawing Around the World USA in our homeschool. It contains 282 pages total and it covers all 50 states in the union by going in depth with each one. Each lesson is divided into weeks and each week has 5 days’ worth of activities.

For sample pages, take a look HERE.

Drawing Around the World: USA

How does Drawing Around the World USA work?

I know what you might be asking yourself: is this a drawing book and all you do is draw the states? The answer is no. It is so much more than that! It is pretty cool because the eBook is divided into weeks and each week has 5 days’ worth of activities.

Some days, we draw the state and gather information and interesting facts about each state. On other days, the activity is practicing drawing the state. But in the drawing activities, it varies. Some days, you trace and draw just the state in a blank space and other times, you draw the state on a map (to practice dimension and location accuracy).

Drawing Around the World: USA

How did we use it?

My son (almost 6 years old) have been doing this daily for about 6 weeks now and loves it. We use my mobile or tablet to go to the website with information for all 50 states. He enjoys researching about the name and capital, the abbreviation, the date of statehood as well as the state bird, state flower, interesting fact and so much more.

Drawing Around the World: USA

What do we think of it?

We learned a lot from this unit and will most definitely include my daughter when we revisit it in a couple of years. You can get it in eBook form for $22.95 and the physical book is $25.95. There are pros and cons to both formats. With the physical book, you save time and ink on printing the pages, but they can only be use with one child.

We got the eBook, which saves us room, we can print only what we want to print and we can print the pages over and over for multiple children or to repeat this unit every couple of years. I love having the PDF file, except for the ink and paper part. All in all, it is definitely worth having this book and the eBook format is the best way to go, if you ask me. 😉

Drawing Around the World: USA

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  1. Wow, what a neat idea… really great to learn so much about each state. I know my kids will be fascinated by it… it would be a great companion for travel too!

  2. Thanks for the helpful review! Do you think I could change the order that we study the states in this program? I’m going to use another geography curriculum and want to use Drawing Around The World: USA to supplement but am not sure if Drawing Around The World needs to be done in the order presented or if we can go out of order to match the states to our main geography curriculum.

    • Each state is a stand-alone lesson, so yes, you can most definitely alter the order of the lessons you do. 🙂 Hope this helps.

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