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God’s Love and Gift to Us: The Plan of Salvation through Ribbon

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God’s Love and Gift to Us: The Plan of Salvation through Ribbon

God’s love, grace and forgiveness are such wonderful and unmerited gifts to us. We treasure these in our family and we make sure to raise our children in God’s ways. My husband and I want for our children to love God and to want to be close to Him. To do that, they need to understand how to do that.

I made one “gift of grace and salvation box” for each of my kids (a toddler and a preschooler) and they are having a lot of fun with them. The ribbons are tied to one another and they pull as they describe each step. It is a great way for little ones to understand the gift of grace and what our part is in it.

You will need:
– a box with a lid
– a card to describe each step
– ribbon (about 1 foot of each)

The black ribbon represents the sin in our lives. Pull.
The red ribbon represent the blood that Jesus shed at the cross to die for our sins. Pull.
The white ribbon represents the new and clean life that we find in Christ after our sins are forgiven. Pull.
The green ribbon represents growth in our lives. We share the message of Christ with others and grow out love for Him. Pull.
The gold ribbon represents the golden crown we will get in heaven when we meet our Maker. Pull all the way out, open the lid and put the ribbon back in the box.

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  1. What a great craft idea! I had a small “toy” when I was their age that did something similar. You would pull the string out and tell the story with each color. Then you would wind the string back up inside and start again. I still have it tucked away.

    • It’d be wonderful to be able to wind it, but I did find that working to put the ribbon back in the box helps their little hands for dexterity and fine motor skills. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!

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