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How Nightcrawlers Taught My Toddler the Alphabet

Today, A (almost 2 years old) and I had some one-on-one time. And what did I do? I went to the fridge and got our nightcrawlers out to play with them. Hubby and K had been going fishing several times this week and had some bait leftover. Playing with them would be fascinating for the little one, I thought.

So I got:
1 large towel
1 plastic bin
1 piece of paper
1 camera
1 curious toddler
You should’ve seen her face when the nightcrawlers started crawling all over the place! She was fine playing with them months ago, but today, as fascinated as she was, she would not touch them. “That’s ok,” I thought.
What happened next truly fascinated me! 
I took one nightcrawler out of the bin and placed it on the piece of paper. As A watched it crawl around, she said, “C!” I looked and the nightcrawler looked like the letter C and she had recognized it. We kept watching and soon, the nightcrawler looked like the letter U and, sure enough, she called it out. So we kept going. These are some of the letters he spelled for her! It was so much fun! A random, seemingly pointless activity had turned into a Language Arts lesson!

Alphabet Copywork Pages

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