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January Printables Packet Review from The Little Natural Cottage

January Printables for Kids
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This is my personal review of the January Printables for Kids from The Little Natural Cottage. A few weeks ago, I was asked to review this packet and in exchange, I would receive a copy for free. After a few communications, reviews from other and a few tweaks, this wonderful compilation emerged and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

This is my very first review of a product like this, so it is with great pleasure that I present unbiased, professional comments as a homeschooling mother and educator. Please read this post until the very end. I have included more reviews from others.

These are my top 6 reasons for loving this packet. I could list so many more, but I will try to stick with just six.
1.  This packet is well thought-out and very well put together. It has 25 printable pages with beautiful graphics, fonts and ideas.
2.  I absolutely love it that this packet contains two Scripture verses that go very well with the January theme.
3.  This packet is easy to use all at once or to break it up into smaller sessions. Since it contains 25 printables, you can do 5 pages a day and be done in one week, or do one sheet a day and be done by the end of the month. It is 25 printables, so you almost get one sheet per day of the month (not counting weekends).
4.  This packet does not fall into the “I am bored” category at all. The activities are so varied that they keep the student engaged for a long time. I was hoping to do 5 sheets per day and be done in a week, but K was having so much fun with it that we actually did half in one day and half the next day. Yes, he insisted on going on until our school time was up.
5.  I love that it includes so many subjects, from History to Math, from important monthly observations to manners.
6.  We used one of the packet sheets in our homeschooling co-op and the children loved it. This is a great packet to use in groups, too, not just individuals.
This packet includes the following and more:
– History: The life of Benjamin Franklin (his birthday is in January) and Martin Luther King Jr.
– Math: counting, sorting, matching, more or less and addition
– Language Arts: copywork, handwriting, vocabulary, etc
– Practical Life: Recipe on how to make hot chocolate
– Bible: Scripture verses
– Many more fun activities
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Every purchase you make through the link on this page will give me a small commission. THis is an honest, unbiased review and I gladly stand behind this project. I truly appreciate your support. Any commission I receive will be used to keep this blog going and to purchase homeschooling materials for my children. Thank you!

More reviews:
I love this packet! It is so much like what I would plan for my daughter anyway that it took away the hassle of planning my extras for this month. My favorite part is including Benjamin Franklin. We try to learn about an important person in history each week and I love when they fit into the month we are learning in. The pages are creative and will definitely catch my daughters attention. Thanks for such a great printable! ~C.P.
This printable looks like so much fun to use! I love how you have incorporated so many different things in it pertaining to January. I am always looking for things like this to use for my own children. The book list was very helpful and gave me ideas that I had not thought of. I would definitely use this and I know my children would enjoy it, too. ~J.F.
My overall 1st impression; child friendly, colourful & fun. The graphics are super; very appealing to youngsters. The content is wide & varied. I will definitely use this with my children…. They cannot wait to get started! Very pleased with the package.   ~C.H.


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