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How to Teach Children to Compose Their Own Music

How to Teach Children to make Music

Have you been wanting to incorporate the Fine Arts into your homeschool? Is this essential part of life lacking in your children’s lives? Despair not. Here is the most fun and easiest way to have children tap into their creativity and inspirational reservoirs to create awesome music. Yes! They can create their very own songs! This is how to teach children to make music.

I am talking about Compose Yourself by ThinkFun! This company creates the most amazing of games, from Laser Maze Jr. that teaches Logic to Robot Turtles that teach Beginning Computer Programming, Solitaire Chess that teaches Strategy and so many more! We are so happy to show you how this awesome game works, how it got invented and how beneficial it can be to your family.

How to Teach Children to make Music

Children Need Music in Their Lives

Amazingly enough, you do not need a piano, a keyboard or any musical instrument (just yet). 😉 To begin with, you only need this game, Compose Yourself and a computer, a laptop or a tablet. Basically, the game includes an instructional booklet and a set of musical note transparencies inside a cloth pouch.

How was Compose Yourself invented? Well, once upon a time, there was a composer who had many composing jobs. It was becoming overwhelming, so he decided to come up with a system that would help him come up with new, interesting and different compositions. Brilliant! And it works! This has helped us learn about notes and reading notes and playing notes… in a super fun way.

How to Teach Children to make Music

How to Teach Children to make Music

There are four easy steps to follow to operate Compose Yourself:

  1. Pick out four random composition transparency cards. Note: The cards can be set in four different ways (front, back, right side up or upside down).
  2. Transfer the codes on the corner of each transparency card onto the website (included in the instructional booklet). The cards will appear on the screen as the codes are entered.
  3. Give the new composition a name, enter the composer’s name and pick how to play the new song (keyboards only, orchestra mode, etc).
  4. Play the song and enjoy!

How to Teach Children to make Music

Get Creative and Go a Step Further!

You can enter more transparency cards or simply loop the same 4 cards. It is so fun and creative! Because you can use each card four different ways, the combinations are endless with Compose Yourself. We have all composed songs several times and it’s fascinating every single time. And you know what the best part is? You can save your compositions and even print them out!

If you do own a piano, a keyboard or any other musical instrument, you can print the compositions and you and your children can learn to play them on the instruments of choice. Isn’t that fascinating?! Are you excited about giving Compose Yourself a try? Go on! Try it out! You won’t regret it!

How to Teach Children to make Music

Don’t forget to visit ThinkFun! They have all kinds of awesome games that make your children think and learn without even knowing because they are having so much fun. Here is another game by ThinkFun! that we love having in our home: Laser Maze post. And now, enjoy my children’s amazing compositions. Aren’t they talented?

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