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Literature-Based Christmas Ornaments

Do you love reading a book and then getting inspired to make a craft or go out and do an activity based on that book? We do, for sure! This time, we got inspired by a sweet Christmas story. We made literature-based Christmas ornaments to remind us of the story we had read. It was lovely reading such a heart-warming story and it was fun making ornaments to hang on our tree, based on that book.

 Literature-Based Christmas Ornaments

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I had never seen or read this book before: Chita’s Christmas Tree. When I first saw this book, I was attracted to it because Chita was my paternal grandmother’s nickname. She passed away 3 years ago. She was sweet, she was fun and she was a baker! She ran her baking business from home. She baked AND decorated the most amazing cakes in the world.

Everything she made was awesome and delicious. I now wish I would’ve learned more from her! She was a very talented culinary artist. As we read this book, I was soon excited to see that there was a baking part in it! That was it! That is the inspiration I needed! To top it off, this is my published post #300! So special!

 Literature-Based Christmas Ornaments

To make the ornaments, you will need:

– a Christmas book to draw inspiration from (for some great book ideas, look at our favorites HERE) We chose Chita’s Christmas Tree

– playdough or salt dough (links to both recipes below)

playdough tools, cookie cutters and rolling pins to mold the playdough or the salt dough

– one 5×7 scrapbook card (or 5×7 cardstock) for each child (we used these glittery ones)

tacky glue

– water-based paint in several colors (we used these)

paintbrushes or foam brushes

– decorations like winter holiday sprinkle sugar, holiday shape sprinkles or snowflake sprinkles (it all depends on which book you are drawing inspiration from)

– hole punch

ribbon (5-6 inches to hang each ornament)

Book Ornaments 2 Collage

Really, either recipe will work. We used the salt dough recipe this time and it was great. Why is it green? Well, I put green food coloring when we were playing with it the day before but for this purpose, using either food coloring or paint (after baking) will work. You choose: Playdough recipe or Salt Dough Recipe.

Book Ornaments 3 Collage


1. We read the story and discussed it. We LOVED reading Chita’s Christmas Tree.

2. We figured out that we wanted to make ornaments based on the cookies they baked in the story, even though the story was more about a Christmas tree.

3. We made a round face (like the one in the story) and stars, like the cookies they baked in the story.

4. We put them on a cookie sheet and baked them for 15 minutes at 300 degrees (preheated).

5. Let them cool completely.

Book Ornaments 4 Collage

6. Paint them and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle any sugar or sprinkles that you decided to use.

7. Let them dry completely.

8. Glue the “cookies” onto the cardstock.

9. Decorate around, if desired.

10. Let them dry completely.

Book Ornaments 5 Collage

11. Cut 5-6 inches of ribbon for each ornament and put on the ornament that has already been hole punched.

12. Optional: put one or two drops of essential oils on the ornaments so they will smell amazing. We put orange on one and Cinnamon Bark on the other. It was as if the “cookies” were those flavors! To order essential oils for activities, crafts and for your family’s health, go to my website.

13. Hang on the Christmas tree, wrap to give as a gift or hang from doorknobs.

14. Enjoy!

Book Ornaments 6 CollageWe really enjoyed reading the sweet story Chita’s Christmas Tree. These ornaments will remind me of this sweet story, but most importantly, they will remind me of my dear Grandmother, Chita and her delicious baking. 🙂

Which book would you like to use as inspiration for an ornament or activity?

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