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Simple Apple Mosaic Craft for Preschoolers

Everyone loves apples, right? And who doesn’t love simple crafts to have fun with preschoolers? Well, why not a craft with apples in it?
A wonderful and incredibly creative mom from our co-op organized this activity. All the children really enjoyed it. And the best part is that this same mosaic concept can be used for other shapes or even for themed pictures.

apple mosaic craft

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What you need:
– brown construction paper or butcher paper (or brown paper bag)
green construction paper
red construction paper
5-inch scissors (blunt tip)
glue stick
googly eyes
white paper with an apple drawn (or printed) on it

This is where you can get creative and use different shapes or objects and different colors of construction paper.

Children practice cutting by cutting strips out of the construction paper. Then, they cut squares out of those strips. Cutting with scissors the right size for their hands is great for eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills refining.

After cutting the squares, then they use their glue sticks to paste the squares. You can use the brown for the stem, the green for the leaves and the red for the apple or you can get creative and do a mix of all three colors on the apple (like my children did in the main picture).

They look so focused and so into this craft. I am sure your children will love it, too!

For this free apple printable template, click here
This is how my children made theirs. One worm has one eye (like it was looking to the side) and the other worm has two eyes (like it is looking at you).


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