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50 Free eBooks for Kids Download {Ages 3+}

Here is an awesome list of 50 free eBooks for kids to download! These are for ages 3+ because they can be read by the parent/caregiver and older children ca read themselves.

They are all fun and they are all free! Come take a look and download as many as you want to read on your smart phone, your tablet or your computer (laptop or desktop).

Disclaimer: Prices are set to FREE right now, but may change at the seller’s discretion. I would go ahead and get them sooner rather than later, to assure that they are free.

And don’t forget to see our book list hub! It is full of lists of books on all kinds of topics on all subjects! You will love it and find it very helpful!

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50 Free eBooks for Kids Download {Ages 3+}

1. Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg | Tali Carmi

2. Thumbelina | Ken T Seth

3. Razzle Dazzle | Shyla Weston

4. Pterosaur Wants to Play a Game! | Amma Lee

5. Orangey the Goldfish | Eddie Bee

6. The Prince and the Dragon | Ken T Seth

7. The Golden Peacock | Sigal Adler

8. Chin-up!! Apatosaurus! | Amma Lee

9. Bedtime Stories for Kids | Uncle Amon

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10. Wiggly the Worm | Arnie Lightning

11. The Knight of Bermuda | Summer Bill

12. The Angry T. Rex | Amma Lee

13. Who’s That New Neighbor? | Sigal Adler

14. Twinkle the Funny Unicorn | Lindsey Scott

15. Jake and Buddy | D.R. Tara

16. Birthday Zebra | Emily McLeod

17. Hoppy the Happy Frog | Uncle Amon

18. Sheila the Mermaid | Shyla Weston

19. Peanut & Sparky | Arnie Lightning

20. Snow Queen | Ken T Seth

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More Free eBooks for Kids

21. Mr. Brown Dog | Uncle Amon

22. Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily’s Room | Barbara Miller

23. The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve | Mark Mulle

24. Lilly Ice Cream | Iris Lin

25. Spike the Dinosaur | Uncle Amon

26. The Mermaid Adventures – Sea Turtle Rescue | Lindsey Scott

27. Baby Bluebird, Please Come Home | Amma Lee

28. Fairy Fairy Sprinkle Sprinkle | Shyla Weston

29. 100+ Knock Knock Jokes for Kids | Johnny B. Laughing

30. Happy Monsters | Uncle Amon

50 books 3

31. Geese in School | Emily McLeod

32. The Fox And The Gingerbread | Noyo C.

33. Dinosaur and Monster and The Magic Carpet | Suzanne Pollen

34. Flora the Princess Fairy | Mary K. Smith

35. Buzz the Bumblebee | Uncle Amon

36. I Love to Keep My Room Clean | Shelley Admont

37. Fun Farm Adventures! | Uncle Amon

38. The Magical Zoo #1 | Dan Jackson

39. Maya & Filippo Show Aloha | Alinka Rutkowska

40. Captain Rat : SupperHero Series | Nona J. Fairfax

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Fun eBooks for Boys and Girls Alike

41. Sea Turtles: Amazing Pictures and Animal Facts Everyone Should Know | Ann Lawrence

42. Little Cuttie Bunny Poppy | Nona J. Fairfax

43. The Fairy Princess and The Unicorn Book 2 | Nona J. Fairfax

44. Flip to the Rescue | Tara Star

45. The Princess Unicorn | Nona J. Fairfax

46. The Legend of The Pink Unicorn | Ken T Seth

47. Peep’s Flight Through the Jungle | Dr. Mc

48. Princess and Mermaid Book 1 | Nona J. Fairfax

49. Pomodoro Penguin and the Library Lemur | Bryce Westervelt

50. Heroes A2Z #1: Alien Ice Cream | David Anthony

Thank you for reading our “50 Free eBooks for Kids Download {Ages 3+}” post. I hope you enjoy these free ebooks with your little ones! You might also like our free printables as well! Check them out! They are awesome!

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50 Free eBooks for Kids Download {Ages 3+}
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