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Ancient Greece for Kids {Free Printables}

Ancient Greece for Kids {Free Printables}

And here comes Greece! This is an amazing country and I cannot wait to visit! We are currently learning Greek in our homeschool, so this is a country that we are interested in the most. I have a really good friend who is from Greece. I run things by her on a regular basis and when she went to Greece last summer, I totally scouted her picture album.

The free printable art activities for kids for Greece include statues, building, vases and inscriptions sculpted on marble buildings. The detail is amazing and so beautiful. I love looking at how the pots and vases are painted using a reddish and black dye. Their dress was simpler, but their hair styles were very intricate.

Ancient Greece for Kids {Free Printables}

We read about the Greek Dark Ages, how Rome conquered Greece and some of the Greek wars that took place. Imagine all the time and effort that went into designing the armor that soldiers wore. The weapons were amazing as well. We gazed at pictures of the Parthenon and used the mini replica of the building to see what it used to look like in the past.

Reading list:

1. Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths

2. History Encyclopedia

3. History Pockets

4. Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome (Hands-On History)

Ancient Greece for Kids {Free Printables}

To read about Ancient China, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, go HERE.

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To get your free printable 3-part cards, go HERE.

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