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Around the World and Landmarks 3-part Cards Printable and Lessons

Look at these beautiful 3-part cards! They are finally here! And they are for you, for me, for everyone! A printable for all who want them!
Take a look at how I put our cards together and how we used them in two simple, but super fun lessons. This is age-appropriate for children as young as two years old (like my littlest one).  Read on!
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Safari 679604 Around the World TOOB, 10 FigurinesSafari 679604 Around the World TOOB, 10 FigurinesAmazonBasics Thermal LaminatorAmazonBasics Thermal LaminatorSafari Ltd World Landmarks TOOBSafari Ltd World Landmarks TOOBAmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches - 8.9-Inch x 11.4-Inch, Pack ofAmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches – 8.9-Inch x 11.4-Inch, Pack ofSafari Ltd 699304 Ancient Egypt TOOBSafari Ltd 699304 Ancient Egypt TOOB


I fell in love with these two sets of Toobs by Safari, Ltd (Around the World and World Landmarks) and immediately started to look for the matching 3-part cards. I did find a few, but they were too expensive.

Someone even suggested getting postcards from all of these places, but that could get really expensive, too. So, after seeing how much my children love them, I decided to not just let them play, but to learn through play.

Aren’t they beautiful?!
Click on the images to see details on how to order some. 
Both sets are on sale right now!
This  is what you’ll need for these fun lessons:
– Set of 3-part cards (my free printable for you) to cut as the control cards
– Set of 3-part cards (same as above) to cut as the nomenclature set
– Two mats (I like to use 2×3′ floormats similar to this one)
– Two containers (one to hold the toobs and one to hold the cards) similar to these
Once you print the cards in color (you need to copy the set twice), cut one set with the picture AND the name. Then cut the second set with the picture and the name separate (see picture above).
You can print the cards on cardstock or do what I did: I printed them on regular paper and then chose some beautiful scrapbooking paper for the backs of the cards. I used the one below. Click on the image on the left to see where to find it.

Lost and Found Paper Stash by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 36Lost and Found Paper Stash by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 36DCWV Double Sided Cardstock Stack, Textured, 58 Sheets, 12 xDCWV Double Sided Cardstock Stack, Textured, 58 Sheets, 12 xEcho Park Paper Company Creative Agenda Collection Scrapbooking KitEcho Park Paper Company Creative Agenda Collection Scrapbooking KitK&Company 12-Inch by 12-Inch Best of K Paper Pad, 360K&Company 12-Inch by 12-Inch Best of K Paper Pad, 360Echo Park Paper Company The Wild Life Collection KitEcho Park Paper Company The Wild Life Collection Kit


And now, it’s time to laminate! These are the laminator and laminator sheets I love to use. Click on the laminator sheets image to find out where to get them. I have posted information about the laminator at the bottom of this post.


This is what the cards will look like after they have been laminated.


Here, we have our setup in the homeschool room. My children can go and use them anytime. 
Below, we have the setup on the mat that we use when we are ready to work with them.


First Activity:
We set up two mats side by side with the bowl with Toobs in the middle. Brother had one mat and Sister had the other mat. On each mat, they chose and set up seven of the cards with the names of the monuments and landmarks (as you can see below). Then each got busy finding the corresponding Toobs. 
They had so much fun. It wasn’t a race because they had different cards and different monuments and landmarks to find, but they were giggling, encouraging each other on as they would match them up. It was adorable to sit back and watch them enjoy themselves so much.

Second Activity:
They put both mats side by side and spread all cards on them.

Then Sister (2.5 years old) got the cards without the names and started matching them up with the nomenclature cards.
Brother got the name cards and was matching them up as well. They worked great as a team!  

Lastly,  they took turns matching the landmarks and monuments with the cards.
And now, it is your turn to put big smiles on your children’s faces and do this fun set of activities. Download your FREE printables below! Thank you for visiting The Natural Homeschool!             blogger-image-2061729345

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To get your beautiful printable 3-part cards, go here


The images used in the free printables have the original source and credit.

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  1. how can i down load ? i seem to be downloading lots of stuff but not the cards, which download is the right one? thanks

  2. Love this idea, but a quick question. It came up as free but at the end it says to add to cart & pay. Please help

  3. Thank you for this free resource. It is a great idea and good quality for most of the pictures. But the parthenon one i think could be a lot better.


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