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How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

The last Thursday of every month, a great group of bloggers and I put together fun posts for you about one of our greatest passions: blogging. This month, we are writing about our working area.

As bloggers, we don’t need much space or materials. What we need is basic, but very important and sometimes pricey (take a DSLR camera and a computer, for starters). Take a look at how to organize a home office for bloggers and I will give you tips on how to keep you area organized. As I know full well, it is hard to stay organized if neglected.

How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

Tip 1: Stick to the Basics

Have what you need. No more. No less. For me, here are my basics.

  • A salt lamp for light, but it also fosters a great ambiance. It looks like a candle, but it is made of Himalayan salt.
  • My cell phone with a stand. Sometimes, I watch a show or listen to music. I just like to see my screen.
  • A laptop. What can I say? I am a Mac person.
  • A laptop stand. It raises it to eye level. I like to protect my neck.
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • A drink warmer. It actually is a candle warmer, but since I don’t burn or melt toxic candles in my house, I love using it to keep my drinks warm. If you use one, make sure you use metal or ceramic mugs/cups only. No plastic!

How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

  • A diffuser. I love using an essential oil diffuser to keep my office area smelling great. It has a little bit of light and besides being pretty, it creates an atmosphere ready for work. I love to diffuse Envision, Motivation and Brain Power. They are all essential oil blends.
  • A vase with beautiful flowers. Flowers just make me happy. I buy a bouquet once a month and make them last as long as I can.
  • My awesome hand and hair moisturizer. I love having soft hands when I type. It comes in handy as a hand massage lotion. I love it!
  • A blog calendar. Printed. In color. Get  pretty one that motivates you to work.
  • Special screen glasses. I don’t really need glasses, but my eyes were getting tired after sitting in front of the computer, so I got a pair. But then, I got this pair that actually protects my eyes from the bright screen and cell screens. It block the blue light emanating out of them and UV rays. Wow! I have truly noticed the difference.
  • A little bit of storage. Have a drawer or two for the extras that you don’t use all the time, but still need handy. For me, it is letters from sponsors with specifics on reviews, past calendars, analytics, writing utensils and such.
  • A good chair with a back supporter. This has made a world of difference for my back. I can now sit longer without a problem.

How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

Tip 2: Keep it Beautiful

If you love your space and it is only yours, make it yours with special touches and unique details that make this spot special. When you are happy in your space, you will enjoy being there.

Every single day, make sure you clean up a bit and get off the table or desk what you are done with for the day. Try your best to keep your paperwork organized, especially tax papers. You will be glad you did.

Tip 3: Make Your Space Inspirational

Sit in your space. Look around. What is absolutely necessary and what needs to go? What can be put out of sight, but handy? What can you have out that is beautiful and that makes you happy? Is it flowers? Is it a picture of who you are writing for? Is it a visual of your goal for blogging? Whatever it is, keep it there, openly displayed.

How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

Tip 4: Enjoy Every Moment

Be picky on what you choose to write. Be selective on the jobs you take on and the commitments you make for yourself and your blog. Why? It is important to keep your inspiration and creativity fresh. Don’t burn out by having a cluttered home office and by piling on too much work.

It is amazingly important to keep enjoying what you do. If it is a hobby, then make sure it stays fun. If it is a job and you make money out of it, keep it interesting and fresh. If you feel like you are starting to get bored, losing interest or feeling overwhelmed, take a break from blogging for a day or two and do something else.

Take advantage of the break and clean up your area. Reorganize it. Make it beautiful and clean. You will feel productive and so much better. Then get back into it. It will be better. So, you want to know how to organize a home office and make it blogger-friendly? Follow these four simple tips and make it your own. You will love it and your blog will show it!

How to Organize a Home Office for Bloggers

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