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Land Transportation Lessons for Kids {Printable 3 Part Cards}

It is so exciting to share with you our Land Transportation Lessons for Kids! Come on down, turn on your engines and roll with us as you take a look at what we did to learn about land transportation. We are including a set of awesome printable 3-part cards (Montessori 3 part cards) that you can use in lessons or to play games.

Land Transportation Lessons for Kids {Printable 3 Part Cards}

Land Transportation Lessons for Kids

Day 1: We started our lesson with reading some really awesome books on land vehicles (transportation). These were an excellent introduction to our lesson. We read the titles below, as well as a few others mentioned in our Play Car Games post (with free printables, too).

We learned so much about things that go (on land) and, since my children are so into Legos lately, we had a blast making all kinds of cars, motorcycles and some fun carts. Hands-on learning is simply the best!

 Brick Vehicles: Amazing Air, Land, and Sea Machines to Build from LEGO® Wheels on the Bus (Raffi Songs to Read) Steam, Smoke, and Steel: Back in Time with Trains The Ultimate Book of Vehicles: From Around the World Tabbed Board Books: My First Things That Go: Let’s Get Moving! (Tab Board Books)


Land Vehicles are Rolling!

Day 2: The unit wouldn’t be complete without opening our monthly Little Passports package delivery! This month, Sister’s package was all about transportation! She LOVED it and we all enjoyed it.

We learned a lot more about transportation because it came with an awesome activity book. It was full of games, coloring pages, puzzles and activities that taught about transportation.

Land Transportation Lessons for Kids

Day 3: The flashlight adventures booklet in the Little Passports package was about transportation, too. It highlighted a great list of the most popular vehicles. The way it works is that the images are obscured by a dark transparency, but when the cardboard flashlight is snuck in-between, the images suddenly show up!

We found all of them and we practiced their names. But believe me, these land transportation lessons for kids aren’t over! We read some more books and even colored and used some sticker books about cars.

 Spot A Lot! Vehicle Adventure (Picture Book) Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go Classic Cars Coloring Book Cars (Usborne First Sticker Book) Things That Move (Usborne Very First Words)


More Hands-on Fun!

Day 4: Sister also got the best hands-on puzzle ever in her Little Passports transportation package! It was a town scene, but there was a rut all around it. Well, a little wind-up car has a little wheel that goes in that rut and off it goes! It goes around and around until it runs out of “gas.”

Oh, we had a blast! She still does! She also played with the other goodies in the package and completed the activity book.

A to Z Transportation Notebooking Pages

If you want to give Little Passports a try, click on the button below. They are the best-quality monthly subscription packages we have ever gotten (and we have gotten a good bunch of them). We are reaching the end of our second year of our yearly subscription with Little Passports and we a loving it! Their variety and creativity is great.


Land Transportation Lessons for Kids

Transportation Printable 3 Part Cards

Day 5: As an additional lesson on that day of our unit, we printed these 3 part cards to learn about 24 land vehicles. We started out with 10 of the basic ones (car, sedan, truck, minivan, taxi, police car, bicycle, train, ambulance and delivery truck) and started adding more cards as they learned the names.

This is a great Montessori work, for those who fancy that. If you don’t, you can always use these cards to play a matching game, a memory game or to just use these beautiful cards for memorization’s sake.

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Land Transportation Lessons for Kids


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