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The Very Best Airplane Unit

The Very Best Airplane Unit

Have I told you that we LOVE everything that has to do with airplanes? And have I told you that August 19th is Aviation Day and we absolutely HAVE TO celebrate somehow? Well, enjoy some of the activities we did that have to do with airplanes.

The Very Best Airplane Unit

We started out with making some awesome, colorful airplanes out of one of our newest books. Actually, this has become a father-and-children activity with my husband. It has been such a special game. They are all excited to pick out their future airplanes and then, since. They are all focused and attentive, watching Daddy fold and crease and transform a plain piece of colorful paper into an amazing airplane.

The Very Best Airplane Unit

You can take a look at the books HERE. There are several choices for airplane-building books. They are so much fun because you can fold bug airplanes, jets and a few other kinds. They all look different and they all fly different.

Both children had so much fun flying the airplanes. They did the loop-ta-loops and the barrel rolls over and over.

The Very Best Airplane Unit

We also watched an episode from The Magic School Bus series called “Airplanes.” We learned about the ins and outs of flight and how airplanes get to lift off the ground by an invisible force. My children enjoyed this episode so much that they asked to play it again. It is short enough that I was ok with me to play it one more time.

The Very Best Airplane Unit

Well, since we obviously didn’t have enough learning about airplanes, we moved on to this awesome sticker book of the First World War. You can browse some awesome airplane sticker books here and some World War sticker books here.

The Very Best Airplane Unit

I will share one more thing that we did to learn about airplanes: we actually went on a field trip to see an airplane up-close. We saw a small O-2 Skymaster. It was fun watching the littles explore and point out the different parts of the airplane. One of our neighbors is a pilot and his wife kindly asked him which kind of airplane this was, so thank you!

The Very Best Airplane Unit

Here is a list of some of the best books we either have or really, really want. I hope you take a look and find the ones you like. To book a party to get these books for free (depending on sales), please email me.

1. Wind-Up Plane Book: Wind up the plane and watch it whiz around the tracks in this delightful interactive book.

2. Airport Sticker Book: An exciting sticker book encouraging children to fill
in the busy airport scenes using the colorful stickers provided.

3. Planes Lift and Look: Which plane can land on water? What’s happening at the airport?
Find out by lifting all the flaps in this delightful board book.

4. Planes: How fast does a plane move along the runway? What happens to your luggage? How does the captain know which way to fly the plane? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more about planes.

5. 100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly: Packed with brilliantly designed paper planes to make and fly, ranging from fighter planes to space rockets and creepy flying bugs. This book features four different models to perfect, each with their own concise instructions on how to best fold and fly them. Printed on special tear-out pages, each of the 100 planes features a unique design.

6. Build Your Own Planes Sticker Book: A construction toy in sticker book form, with lots of amazing aircraft to build using the stickers provided. Satisfyingly stylish and detailed artwork will appeal to children of all ages and each plane is accompanied by its specifications, including dimensions, number of crew and top speed. Over 200 stickers to add to more than 20 planes.

7. First World War Sticker Book: This fascinating book is packed with facts and figures about the key events and most important people of the War, as well as many of the vehicles used in the fighting – from tanks and submarines to bombers and fighter planes.

8. First World War Cards: A pack of 50 cards packed with fascinating facts and figures about the most important planes, ships, tanks and other vehicles used during the First World War.

9. First World War Sticker Book: This fascinating book is packed with facts and figures about the key events and most important people of the War, as well as many of the vehicles used in the fighting – from tanks and submarines to bombers and fighter planes.

10. Second World War Cards: A box of 50 cards packed with fascinating facts and statistics about the most important military hardware used during the Second World War. Each card features a fact file of important fighter planes, ships, tanks, bombers and rockets. Includes superb action illustrations, diagrams and color photographs, as well as a timeline of key dates and battles.

11. Fighter Planes: A visually exciting and highly informative introduction to the world of fighter planes. Fun and accessible with photographs, illustrated diagrams and comic strips, this book is packed full of information. Includes a fascinating selection of recommended websites, which provide additional information for fighter planes fanatics.

12. Airport Sticker Book: There are lots of planes, trucks and people at the busy airport. Little children will love adding stickers to every page of this fun and lively book.

13. War Stories: Thrilling adventures stories, based on actual life events. War stories will make you feel as if you were actually there. This book is ideal for reluctant readers, as well as adults.

The Very Best Airplane Unit

I hope you can see how much fun we had learning about flight and about airplanes. And I hope you can use some of these ideas to use in your homeschools.

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