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Montessori Math: Numbers and Counters (Introduction to Odd and Even)


The purpose of this activity is to verify that each number is a quantity on its own, that numbers can be sequenced, and that there are odd and even numbers within the alignment of numbers 1-10 and beyond. In addition, children will begin an informal lesson on division.
This activity is recommended for ages 4 and up (preferably after working with the spindle boxes). I started my son with these when he was 3 years old and did very well. So, if you are unsure, try it and follow the child. If he/she isn’t ready yet, try again in a month’s time.

Materials Needed (store-bought or made a home):

– Numbers 1-10 made out of cardboard or wood or number cards

– 55 counters (beans, round breakfast cereal or beads will work, too)

How to present the Montessori at home lesson:

1. Unroll a mat on the floor.
2. Bring the material to the rug.
3. Open the box and place the lid underneath the box.
4. Take the numbers (or cards) out one by one and ask the child to say the name of the numbers. This can be in order or out of order. Do place them in order on the mat, though (left to right). Leave a space between the numbers (about two fingers’ width). Continue placing all the numbers up to 10 on the mat.
5. Point to the number one and ask the child how many counters he thinks should go below the number one. (The correct answer is “one.”) Place one counter below the number one (see pictures below).

6. Point to the number one and ask the child to count how many counters are below the number one. (1)
7. Repeat the same procedure with the number two, except that the two counters need to be side by side (see picture below).
8. With all even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10), the counters will be side by side.
9. With the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), the single counter will fall at the bottom, in the middle (see picture below).
10. Continue doing this for all number up to 10.

11. Once done with all the numbers, we will introduce the concept of odd and even. If your finger can run through the middle (between the counters), then the number is even, but if your finger has to stop because a counter is “in the way” (in the middle), then that number is odd.
12. Repeat for the rest of the numbers up to 10.
13. Finish up with doing a Three Period Lesson for odd and even.
Control of Error for this Activity:
There should only be 55 counters, so if there are missing counters, the child must’ve counted wrong somewhere and needs to verify his/her work.
K loved this lesson so much that he started to play around with the numbers and saying what numbers they were. Yes, he can count up to really high numbers, so these here were very easy for him.

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