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Say NO to microwaves!


It was 11 January 2013. The magical day. The day I decided with 100% certainty to give up all microwave use. Yes, it’s been 3 months and yes, it was easier than you think. Totally doable. It just takes a little more pre-planning and time.
My parents gave me some cash for Christmas, so I decided to buy a toaster oven for our home. Some of you are thinking, “What in the world is a toaster oven?!” I will tell you what it is. It’s basically a small-scale oven. It’s about the size of a microwave or smaller. Nowadays, they have toaster ovens that are as small as two slices of bread (side by side) or big enough to cook a rotisserie chicken or even a pizza in it.
The one I got fits 4 bread slices (two in front and two in the back), so bigger than the usual toaster oven, but not the biggest one they have out there.
Now I’m set! I use either the toaster oven, the stovetop or the conventional oven to prepare food. And not only that, I have also been buying more glass containers instead of the plastic “tupperware-type.”
This is great because it’s easier to reheat leftovers and they last longer, well, unless you drop them (tip: don’t do that!). 🙂 Eating raw/fresh foods don’t even require heat at all!
I did a lot of research about the good and bad of microwaves and honestly, the only so-called “pro” is how practical/quick it is to heat up food. The list on what is bad about microwaves is much longer. Look at the images I have posted. Anything that takes away nutritional value from food will always be a no-go for me. But judge for yourself.  The most important thing is to do your research and make decisions based on whether or not you have had a change of heart. If you are not 100% convinced, keep digging until you reach a decision with 100% certainty.
My husband, for example, isn’t quite there yet, but he is using it significantly less. My 3-year old son is hilarious; whenever he sees my husband about to use the microwave, he yells, “No Dad! Not the microwave!” Haha! Out of the mouths of babes… 🙂


Update January 2014: It has been a year and I am proud to say that our microwave hasn’t been used by me at all for reheating food or drinks. The only times I have used it is for heating up my rice sock to put around my neck to relax muscles. It has been wonderful and I do not miss it.

Here are some great tips to help avoid the usage of microwaves. 
1. Eat as much raw food as you can with every meal. Our bodies are able to get the most nutrition out of meals that way.
2. Thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator before cooking or heating. This will require less amount of time to cook and warm up, so less nutrients are lost.
3. There are several other ways to heat up/cook foods other than microwaves. The stovetop is the most popular, then come the oven and a toaster oven (with the convection option).
4. I am not sure how to go about finding out which restaurants use or do not use microwaves in their kitchens, but it might be worth a try if one is really passionate about this. I must point out, though, that you should be fine if you are eating most of your meals at home without using a microwave. Honestly, I wouldn’t personally go to that extreme because it takes the fun out of eating out (which we do only once a week). We are to live the healthiest lifestyles that we can, but there must be a balance. Life is also meant to be enjoyed.


What about you? Are you willing/ready to make a change and give up the use or the microwave in your home?

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  1. Just get rid of your microwave! There is plenty of information confirming its harmful effects on our bodies. Instead get a set of non toxic pots and pans. They are not very expensive, Just Google it. I just got a great deal on ceramic pots from Earthshift Project. These German pots were much, much cheaper on their website than anywhere else.

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