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Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

This post is about Social Media Marketing for Bloggers. I have been blogging since 2012, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I started monetizing the blog, so you could say that I started doing it professionally then. I have learned a lot by trial and error, by talking with other bloggers, by reading up on blogging websites, by taking blogging courses and reading ebooks.

I haven’t gotten there by any means and I don’t claim to be a professional. I am simply sharing with you the basics of social media and how to market and promote your blog and blog posts as well as make money off your blog. Take a look. You might learn something that you didn’t know before. I will share my thoughts on social media marketing in order of importance, in my opinion and experience. Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

Most important:


Google, Bing and other search engines. Why is it important to have organic searches on your side? Well, if people are going straight to your blog, it is because they have spent time on your blog, that they like your material and that they are loyal readers, which is an amazing compliment.

Also, if people are finding your blog using search engines, that means that your blog posts are ranking well and your blog posts are in the first 3-4 pages when someone enters a term to search. I suggest you look into using a search engine optimizer to make your life easier. Get the 30-day trial and then I suggest you go with the yearly fee to save more money. It is worth the investment.

Email / Newsletter: 

This is the key to becoming a more established blogger. But I will be honest with you; it is a love-hate relationship with this one. First of all, increasing your subscribers gives you direct reach to thousands of readers and followers just like that! It doesn’t get easier than that. You can create a newsletter weekly or multiple times week. Or you can tweak your RSS feed to control when it goes out and include some important items like giveaways, freebies and popular posts.

I am looking at Campaign Monitor to not only learn how to make my emails unforgettable, but I am also learning so much from their long resources list! There’s a reason why more than 250,000 businesses worldwide trust Campaign Monitor to power their email marketing. They know what is going on and will let you in on it to be beyond successful!

I suggest you use a good website for your newsletters. The bad thing is that this costs money, if you aren’t working it right and you don’t have the right provider (that’s why you need to look into Campaign Monitor). The more subscribers you have, the more it will cost you monthly. What I do is regularly check for subscribers that don’t open my weekly emails and delete them. The key is to keep your list updated and to create loyal readers. Many bloggers offer subscriber freebies and such, but I haven’t gotten into that yet. Hoping to start sometime soon. As of now, I enjoy sending my weekly emails to 10,000+ subscribers.


I have a plugin called MailMunch that has a floating banner that appears 30 seconds after a blog post opens, inviting the reader to subscribe to my weekly newsletters. I have gotten a whole lot of subscribers this way. This plugin is free. I also have a plugin called WP eStore where I can upload all of my freebies to it. In turn, it requests the readers’ email to send them my freebies. They are then automatically added to my email list. They can subscribe anytime, of course.

Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

Here is the second set of most important social media marketing tips for bloggers.

Pinterest: It is my top referrer, if you think of the actual social media platforms. It might not be the same for other bloggers, but, for some reason, it is for me. I have been erratic and very inconsistent to pinning, but now that I use an affordable pin scheduler, it has made me more consistent and made my life a lot easier. I suggest you create beautiful and attractive pinnable images so others will want to share, too.

StumbleUpon: Many bloggers don’t use it and might not even know about it. StumbleUpon is one of my highest referrers, after email, plugins and Pinterest. It is so easy to add a SU share button on your page and you can stumble your own pages. Some say that SU doesn’t like it when you stumble your own blog posts, but I haven’t had that experience.

Facebook: Alright, I am not a big fan of Facebook. There, I’ve said it. I have almost 12,000 followers, which has taken me a couple of years and a couple of viral posts to achieve, but it still doesn’t bring a whole lot as a referrer. What I do love about Facebook is that it IS a social media platform and so I use many things that it has to offer.

What I mean is that I have my personal page, my blog page, a community group linked to my blog and I am part of blogger networking groups, such as sharing groups and tribes. As you can see, most of my communications and sharing comes from letting other bloggers know about my new blog posts, but they are also making it easy for me to find their great content to share on my social media platforms.

Twitter: It makes it easy to share giveaways, freebies and to promote sponsored content. I like using it for that and really need to work on growing my followers. Many companies can pay you to promote their products if you have a high Twitter following. Social Media Marketing for Bloggers Social Media Marketing for Bloggers, level 3.

I am not paying as much attention to these right now, but I do mind growing the following to them give them more attention. I personally like Instagram a lot because I can share all kinds of pretty pictures and graphics I have made for my blog posts. I am not sure it is a good referrer or a money-maker, but I enjoy it, so I do it for the fun of it.

Other social media platforms that you might be interested in looking into are Bloglovin and Google +. The important thing is to start slow and to start with a couple at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed because then you will get burned out.

I suggest you start by looking into the list in this post and work your way from the top and work your way down. Go to your Google Analytics and click on 1) Acquisition 2) All Traffic 3) Referrals to see where your top referrers are coming from. Adjust your list of social media referrers according to how your blog is doing.

If you see your top 3 social media referrers and want to strengthen them, then share those top posts. If you don’t see some of your social media on your list, then that means that they aren’t being good referrers. You might want to grow those or to focus your effort s on those platforms that are already doing well, but that could do better.

Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

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  1. Wow! I have so much to learn!!! I need to put more effort into my newsletter and subscription numbers. Sigh. And I don’t ever use StumbleUpon, but I guess I should. I get burned out easily and was totally overloaded by the blogger networking groups I’ve joined. Sigh again. lol

    • Oh, don’t worry, you will get it all. But like I said, take your time and do one or two at a time. 🙂


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