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The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

We love Math here at home. We love learning it, practicing it, making breakthroughs and even singing about it. You will see why in this review. We have shared with you about the best online Math tutoring for kids that we love. Read it here: We Found a Math Program that We Enjoy. This is our second year using it and we are still going strong.

This program is called GPALoveMath by GPA Learn. GPA stands for Great Parents Academy. And I confess, I love being part of this category!

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

My son started working on the first grade when we first signed up with GPALoveMath and he is halfway done with second grade now. My daughter started the Kindergarten level and she is almost done with it. She is taking it slower since she started younger than kinder age, but is now picking up the pace more. She is able to do it more independently and is enjoying it very much.

The way this curriculum works is that each child has an account with the grade level they are in and the record of the lesson that have been completed as well as the grade they got in each. When the child is logged in, she can pick any of the unlocked lessons. There are usually three, one in each of the categories in which this program is divided into.

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

Once the child is in the lesson she chose, then there are three online sections: the instruction part, the practice part and the quiz. Lessons usually take my children 15-20 minutes to complete, but it can take longer or less amount of time. It all depends on the child and the lesson.

I like it that once the quiz is done, if there were any errors, the program lets us know what the correct answer was. And if the child chooses to retake the quiz to get a better grade or to master the material better, the quiz will contain different questions than the previous one. I also like it that children can retake the entire lesson if the child had a hard time grasping the concepts.

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

Let me tell you more about the best online Math tutoring for kids. What we find unique about GPALoveMath is that it can work as a complementary tutoring program for struggling children or as a primary learning curriculum. It is very complete and thorough.

Every grade has a coach (a character) that guides and teaches the lessons. My son started in first grade with the Australian penguin as his coach and he is still mentioning him. If you go to this link, you can scroll down to the grade your child will be doing to get an idea on who the coach is and how that grade works.

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

Another great feature is the motivation/incentive tab. Parents can set up “prizes” that the child can win when the lessons get completed and they earn points or the prizes can be chosen at random. Sometimes, children can even earn gift cards or park entry tickets. Boy, I’m telling you, there are so many features to list here. To learn more about GPALoveMath awesome features, go here.

So, now do you see why we truly believe that GPALoveMath is the Best online Math tutoring for kids? It is amazing. Oh and remember how I told you that we even sing about Math? Well, thanks to GPALoveMath, we learn Math in a super long way. Take a look below!

Try GPALoveMath for 30 days for free! Go to THIS LINK to get started!

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids


Fantastic Printable Math Bundle {20 Sets}

$20.00 $7.99

Fantastic Printable Math Bundle

In this awesome Math printable bundle, you will get 20 sets (88 pages) of hands-on activities to help your kids learn. Many kids actually think that they are games! They learn while they play. Isn’t that fantastic?! This bundle is awesome because you can simplify many of the activities for younger kids and you can make them harder for older kids.

This Math bundle is a digital download and it includes:

Montessori Math

* Montessori Math Subtraction Facts – Presentation and Printable

* Montessori Math Lessons for Addition Printables

* Sense of Time Printable Set

* Montessori Number Rods

Math Activities

* Spanish Numbers Activity

* Roman Numerals and Ancient Rome Coloring Book

* Counting Apples Craft Free Printable Set

* Teddy bear addition

* Number Coloring Pages & 3 Part Card in 4 Languages

* Numbers 0-10 in Seven Languages (Bundle)

* US Coin Studies

Skip Counting 1s-9s

* Skip Counting 1s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 2s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 3s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 4s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 5s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 6s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 7s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 8s 3-Part Cards

* Skip Counting 9s 3-Part Cards

Now, it’s your turn! Get this awesome bundle and use it with your kids!

The Best Online Math Tutoring for Kids

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