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Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don’t Have Time for DIY Toiletries

This post says it all. Here, you will find the best ways to be healthy as a family when you don’t have time for DIY toiletries. I make a lot of my toiletries. I won’t deny that it is time-consuming, especially if you make your own deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash, lotions and conditioner like me.

Not everyone is crafty and handy with all the ingredients and the mess and you know what? That. Is. Ok. Do not feel guilty for buying products that are good for your family instead of making your own. In this post, I will show you some of the products that I have found and tried when I simply don’t have time for the DIY toiletry-making spree.

I hope you find it helpful and that you will try some of these, which I highly recommend.

Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don't Have Time for DIY Toiletries

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I will be sharing the natural and organic products that I have found to be: healthy, affordable and effective for the entire family. I have tried making my own shampoo any times for years now and haven’t been successful to where it delivers everything we need. So I tried this shampoo and my family LOVES it!

Joy Organics - Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil

Even my husband, the biggest all-things-natural skeptic says that he stopped using his toxic stuff and switched to mine. I’m a happy momma now. 😉 And what is best, it is super affordable and it comes in a ginormous bottle! One bottle can easily last us at least 6 month for the two of us.

My children are older now, so they are ok using the shampoo my husband and I use, but when they were younger, we used this shampoo and body wash (two in one). This one is tear-free and perfect to travel with because you only carry one bottle and the entire family can use. My daughter and I use a conditioner because our hair is long and hers is really curly. This is the conditioner we love. It is a 10-in-1 formula and it has made my hair grow, grow, grow!

Like I said, I make my own body wash, but I always have one on hand, in case I run out or want a little change. This bath and body wash is fantastic! It smells amazing. Another product that  I use regularly is this leave-in conditioner. It tames my hair and keeps it healthy, especially my ends. When my daughter’s hair is extra tangled, I use a tiny bit of it and it breaks up the tangles immediately, so it doubles as a detangler.

Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don't Have Time for DIY Toiletries

Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don’t Have Time for DIY Toiletries

Alright, let’s talk about stuff for after the shower/bath. Deodorant. I make my own deodorant to use daily, but it is in a glass mason jar, so I prefer to have something healthy to travel with. So I love using this deodorant when we aren’t home. It works amazingly well, by the way.

Then, while my skin is still moist, I either use my DIY moisturizing lotion or this store-bought natural moisturizer. I actually came across it when I was asked to review it and I love having it for on-the-go. Do you want to read the review I wrote about it? It works for more than just as a lotion. Read it here.
I know you can’t make your own toothbrush, lol, so you definitely have no other option than to buy one. These bamboo toothbrushes are amazing! They are BPA free and since they come in a set, you buy one and have enough for a year (if you change out your toothbrushes every 3 months like we do).

If you want to look into a really great toothpaste that is affordable, effective and that whitens your teeth, then this toothpaste is the way to go. And to go for the best wipes/baby wipes for the money, got with this bulk set of 400 organic wipes for about 2 cents apiece. We have this one (as well as our shampoo and body wash) in our Amazon Subscribe & Save delivery .

Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don't Have Time for DIY Toiletries

Now, I am going to be completely open with you and tell you what I use for my periods. I love this cup instead of pads. There is NO way I would ever use tampons, but a cup? Yes, definitely! I tried it once and never looked back.

The cup collects your period, so there is not waste and it is reusable. I have had mine for at least 2 years and I love it still! Be sure to get the right size for you. Check out Size 1 cup and Size 2 cup here. Feel free to message me with questions as this is personal.

Now, let’s talk about toiletries outside the bathroom. For alcohol-free organic hand sanitizers, it is important to have one readily available when we are out and about. This one is a great one to use. It is especially made with children in mind. For us, we go back and forth between this one and our Thieves waterless hand sanitizer.

And with Summer coming, we definitely want to be prepared for the hot sun! This organic sunscreen is fantastic. Check it out: it is SPF 50 and it comes in a spray! It can’t get easier than that! I make my own sunscreen, but for traveling or to have in the car, this one is awesome. It smells nice, too.

Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don't Have Time for DIY Toiletries

Thank you for visiting our Best Ways to be Healthy as a Family when You Don’t Have Time for DIY Toiletries post! Which products caught your attention and will try? Remember, being healthy as a family is of utmost importance in this day and age of so many toxins and chemicals everywhere!

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