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Butterfly Life Cycle Activities & Crafts (Free Printable Set)

We have been studying about butterflies and, even though we didn’t get a caterpillar set to watch them turn into butterflies, we did watch videos of the process and are determined to do that next Spring.

Here, you will see some of our butterfly life cycle lessons, butterfly books and you will also have a chance to download your own FREE butterfly life cycle printable set. It is 9 pages total, so you and your child will have varied ways to explore the most beautiful of life cycles (in my humble opinion).

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities & Crafts (Free Printable Set)

Butterfly Life Cycle Printable Set

I did this lesson with both Brother (5 years old) and with Sister (3 years old) separately so we could use the same set of printables and do the lessons at each of their levels. Both were able to do all 9 pages successfully, just at different levels.

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities & Crafts (Free Printables)

We read our favorite butterfly book: Where Butterflies Grow. It explains the entire process of metamorphosis and covers the entire butterfly life cycle. It is educational and the illustrations are beautiful. We highly recommend it.


In this printable set of nine pages, we had a chance to point at each stage of the butterfly life cycle, label each stage, match up pictures, draw our own rendition of the butterfly life cycle stages and even got to color the pictures for each stage. Get them at the bottom of this post!

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities & Crafts (Free Printables)

Printable Set Setup

To make this printable set reusable, you can laminate the pages with a thermal laminator, using laminating pouches. I decided to go a different way this time. I actually decided to make a “Butterfly Life Cycle” binder for them. I printed one set of the butterfly life cycle free printables (in this post) and put each sheet in clear sheet protectors.

I provided them a set of dry erase markers (washable) and a set of dry erase crayons for them to use as well as a small dry erase eraser. Not only was it super fun, but they can actually do the activities over and over again to continue practicing their newly-learned material in their binder. Which idea do you like best?

Butterfly Life Cycle Lesson Videos

Here are two videos of us doing our butterfly life cycle lessons. I hope you find them helpful.

Butterfly Dress-up

And how can we do a butterfly unit and not dress up as one?! Here is Sister, loving her butterfly wings. She wore them all day and kept going back to the homeschool room to work on her butterfly binder. Isn’t that lovely? Here are some beautiful monarch butterfly wings for girls. She wants them, too!

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities & Crafts (Free Printables)

Don’t forget to check out our other post on Butterfly Life Cycle Crafts and Resources!

3 Butterfly Life Cycle Crafts & Ideas

Here are some butterfly books that we’d love to check out next:


Get your FREE Printable Set Here:


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  1. I love this. We just posted yesterday our growing butterflies season. We have planted parsley for this year. Thank you for sharing!


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