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Easy Ribbon Wand Craft for Preschool Play Time

This is a post that is the second of three awesome posts that will culminate with the publication of our amazing Music Fort post! Be looking out for it! It published after this post. We are very excited to show you just how easy it is to make ribbon wands.Music Fort: a beautiful DIY haven for your creative side

Easy Ribbon Wand

Why ribbon wands? How are they related to Music? Well, they are great to use instead of musical instruments as they inspire kinesthetic movements where we can get creative, let loose and have fun with music as we sing. This craft was easy and fun to make.

We used: ribbon with musical notesribbon with pastel colorsstainless steel straws, thread and 2 jewel beads.

We simply fed about 18 inches of thread through the stainless steel straws and added the two jewels at the bottom (knot well). For the ribbon part, we used both as they made a beautiful combination. With the thread that came up the top, I knotted both ribbons well.

And that is it! They had so much fun creating patterns with them and moving them to the songs we were singing.

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