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Simple Music Paper Crafts for Preschoolers (Free Printable)

Do you teach Music in your homeschool? Have you ever thought of making Music-related crafts that are fun and affordable? Making Music-related crafts can spark so much creativity and go for several Fine Arts areas all at once! Take a look at what we’ve made!

Music Paper Crafts Main

Stars, pinwheels, tambourines, flowers… we’ve got it all!

Two Simple Paper Star Crafts

Music Fort: a beautiful DIY haven for your creative sideHow cute are these?! Take a look at how we made them. You will see just how easy it is to make beautiful decorations.

Simple Star Bunting


First, we traced stars and punched one hole at the top to thread in with jingle bells. We loved having both gold and silver jingle bells on ours. This thread with stars and jingle bells was hung at the center on the ceiling of our music fort. The paper we used has musical notes all over. You can print the musical notes pages, too!

3D Star Decorations


For the 3D stars, we used: scrapbooking paper with musical notes, jewel beads, thread, a paper star, a pencil, scissors and tacky glue.

We traced the stars with our pencil and cut the stars. You will need two for each 3D star.  Once the stars are cut, fold and crease the star along the middle of each arm. Once they are folded and creased, add one tiny drop of tacky glue on the back of each star arm tip and glue two stars together to give them the 3D effect.

Once they were dry, we added thread to the top of each, but made sure the thread was long enough to thread in some beautiful jewel beads. I left about 12-18 inches of thread for this. Brother helped me thread the jewels in and then we went out to hang them along the edges of our fort. We made six total.

Paper Mache Tambourines

Music Fort: a beautiful DIY haven for your creative sideWe used some of the musical note paper that we printed (see free printable above) to tear up pieces to glue on. We used washable white glue, a little bit of water, 2 paper plates for each tambourine and textured ribbon cut in pieces (we used about 10 pieces that were about 4 inches long each).

We mixed glue and water (about 3:1 ratio) on a plate and they used to glue the strips of musical paper all over the bottom sides of the two paper plates. Once they were dry, I used a punch hole to make about 10 wholes along the edges.

Once we put the paper plates on top of each other, we added some jewel beads and jingle bells inside so the tambourines can make noise when played. I helped them close them up by knotting the ribbon pieces in each hole. They made beautiful music and was a great craft to practice fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


Decorative Pinwheel Paper Craft

Music Fort: a beautiful DIY haven for your creative side

These pinwheels were so easy to make! We used: a pencil for each pinwheel, tacky glue, scrapbooking paper with musical notes and a sticker for the center of each pinwheel. I also used a small terra-cotta pot and small gravel to help hold them up. These are decorative pinwheels. They don’t spin. If you want them to spin, then use a pushpin to attach to the pencil instead of gluing it to the pencil.

Basically, you cut an 8×8-inch square (or a 6×6 if you want it smaller) and cut into the diagonals almost to the center of the square, but not quite. Put on large drop of tacky glue in the center of the square. Next, take one long corner and fold (without making a crease) and place that corner on the tacky glue until it stays.

Continue to do so with all 4 longer corners. You will see the pinwheel begin to take shape after a couple of corners are glued. Once the pinwheel is made, add one tiny drop of tacky glue on the corners and put a sticker in the center to make it look pretty. Glue the back on pencil.

More Musical Notes Paper Craft Ideas

Music Fort: a beautiful DIY haven for your creative side

Here are more craft ideas using musical note paper. Aren’t they adorable?!

Now that you have seen so many craft ideas using musical paper, which one will you try first?

Get your free Musical Paper Printable here



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