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Learn about the Arctic with Junior Explorers

Have you heard about Junior Explorers‘ monthly subscription? I hadn’t until I was asked to review their Arctic studies package and it was a cool find for our family. Do you want to know what comes in it? Do you want to know we learned? How we will continue to use this unit? Read this review to learn more about our Arctic adventure.

Learn about the Arctic with Junior Explorers

Junior Explorers

 Online Portion of the Adventure

This is no ordinary adventure. It is one that has a mission… a rescue mission! And they need our help. When we received our Junior Explorers package, we also got a code for our mission. It is an online activity, so a computer with internet is required. The mission has a storyline, characters, a plot and many educational elements.

We learned about several animals that live in the Arctic and how they live. We learned how to dress when going to places with extremely cold temperatures. We explored a wonderful place that we have never been to. And we had the chance to rescue a mother polar bear and returned her to her cubs.

This Junior Explorers mission is geared for Elementary-aged children. The mission and dialogue is text on the screen, so if they aren’t proficient readers, an adult or an older child can help read. Even better, if there are several children going on this adventure, then they can take turns practicing their reading. Win!

Learn about the Arctic with Junior Explorers

 Our “Mission Arctic” Package

In our Junior Explorers mission packet, we got

a welcome letter

a mission checklist

an activity booklet

a bracelet

a sheet of stickers with the mission logo and Arctic animals

a sheet of temporary tattoos with Arctic animals

a mission button pin

polar bear and beluga whale miniatures

Arctic animal fact cards

four Arctic postcards

an Arctic facts sheet

Sounds like a lot, right? Well, they all fit in well with the lessons and the mission. The fact and activity sheets are great and helpful, especially to have handy for future reference.

Learn about the Arctic with Junior Explorers

 300x250 Junior Explorers Banner

What we learned

This Junior Explorers lesson can be done in one sitting (for a longer period of time) or it can be broken up into shorter lessons. All you do is log in with your mission secret code and continue where you left off. It would be nice to go over this material a few times so children can keep learning and grasping information about the Arctic.

I did this lesson with my son and he enjoyed “visiting” the Arctic. He loved the idea of going on a mission to rescue a momma polar bear and return her to her cubs. With this Junior Explorers material, we learned so much about several animals in the Arctic. We also learned how to read a map to follow the trail as well as take pictures of our animal sightings.

Learn about the Arctic with Junior Explorers

 My Review of Junior Explorers “Mission Arctic”

If your child loves to read, to use the computer, to go on missions and adventures, if your child loves to visit different places in the world and is interested in learning about animals, then this is the set for you! The Junior Explorer monthly kits start at $19/month, but if you do 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, you save money. The 12-month subscription basically gives you 3 months free! Check it out!

Every month, a new mission to learn about wildlife and nature with Junior Explorers!


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