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Learn Color Names in Seven Languages with Free Printables

Here is the post that many of you have asked for! I have FREE printable color names pages in seven languages for you to print and use in your homes! How fun is that?!

We use these chart in our homeschool quite often and enjoy seeing the colorful sheets on our window. They make our play room so fun and inviting. Having beautiful and educational charts like these are a win-win, don’t you think? Take a look at how we use ours.Color Names in 7 Languages FREE Printables!


How we use our color charts

First, I printed all 7 charts with my color printer (we love this one). Then I laminated each chart using a good-quality thermal laminator. We love these laminating pouches. Once they all cooled, I used thin double-sided tape to put the two parts of each chart together.

I then put our charts at eye level in our play room. We have a large bay window and, as much as we love our blinds open, we like to have some privacy, especially at nighttime when our lights are on and one can easily see inside. I got two foam boards to go across the bay window and used packing tape to secure the foam boards there.

The color charts went side by side across the foam board. I used the thin double-sided tape to secure them on the foam board. Lovely, huh? We sing songs as we point at the charts, we play games like picking one color and saying it in all 7 languages or picking one language a day and saying the colors in the “language of the day.”

Color Names in 7 languages free printables

Color products we love

As you make learning fun, you can use items like these to help reinforce learning in a simple and playful way. We enjoy using all of these items to practice our color names. We use these manipulative in many lessons, not just to practice and learn colors and color names. I highly recommend all of them. The Colors DVD below can be ordered in English or Spanish. We own both and love both.

Two things to point out: the rainbow blocks we have also have pink blocks (not show in picture), which is great. The rainbow we got is the mini (you can see it in the picture below). Now I know that I should have ordered the large because we use it so much and love it for more reasons than one.


Rainbow Block 20 Piece Set                                    6-Piece Rainbow Stacker


Meet the Colors                                             Viewthru Geometric Solids

Color Names in 7 languages free printables

Print your Color Names Charts in Seven Languages

Colores (Spanish), Colori (Italian), Colors (English), Cores (Portuguese), 

Couleurs (French), Farben (German), Yanse (Mandarin Chinese – Simplified)


I hope you enjoyed this post and that your children will have hours of fun learning about colors in other languages.

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