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Our Favorite Potty Learning Books

We are there…we have made it to this point: the potty learning process. Eek! So bittersweet! I remember when my little girl was so tiny, how cute she looked in her pink cloth diapers and how convenient it was (mostly) to have a little one in diapers.
I also remember the stinky diaper pail, the washing/folding process of the cloth diapers and daydreaming of having a diaper-less home. Read on…
At any rate, here she is, two and a half years old and has been potty learning for about three weeks now. We are not 100% there.
We are not 100% dry all day and all night, but we have made immense improvements and I feel like it (this long and seemingly never-ending process) is worth it.
And don’t forget to see our book list hub! It is full of lists of books on all kinds of topics on all subjects! You will love it and find it very helpful!
potty learning books
After three weeks, Sister has not been in cloth diapers or wool cover (only pull-ups) at night, goes #1 almost without being asked (she goes on her own) and she has made the breakthrough to going #2 on the potty (after about 2 weeks of trying daily, but feeling apprehensive about it).
We are starting to go on outings with her in big girl undies, but not all of our outings have been “dry.” We are getting close, though.

All in all, I am simply amazed at how quickly my children simply grow and mature and flourish right before my eyes.

I love to see them taking ownership of their successes, celebrating each others’ victories and encouraging each other to “do better next time” when they miss the mark.

I am not writing this post on another potty learning how-to. There are so many wonderful ones published already, that I really wanted to complement those by sharing a list of our favorite potty learning books. Some of them, we have kept from when Brother was learning to use the toilet, so we will list those as well.

Why potty books? Well, why not? If I am teaching on a particular subject or topic, I get books to support the information that I am teaching and the things that my children are absorbing.

Images, stories, and examples are invaluable when it comes to learning (especially for visual learners). Having potty books has been great because at one point (a few days before starting potty learning) we had them all in a basket and we carried it around to read books out of it several times a day.

That way, we could talk about all things potty. It resonated with her and she was mentioning it and bringing it up at times.

Do we have to have this many books to potty learn successfully? No, definitely not. We have purchased some of them, but others have been gifts and/or hand-me-downs.

I am sharing them all because our readers have differing likes, preferences and needs. I am showing you all of what we have and use what is helpful to you. Enjoy!


We love this book because it has a cute story, it comes with cool reward stickers and even a pirate hat to wear while sitting on the potty! It was so much fun using this book and it was, by far, Brother’s favorite potty book.
The Potty Book for Boys by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The Gift Set (with the Henry boy doll, the little potty and the teddy bear – not pictured) is really fun to have and use. You can order the book or the DVD on their own, though. You can also order both the book and DVD together.

Note on this set if you do decide to get the doll: Henry does have anatomically correct private parts and when the briefs get pulled down to “go potty,” you will see boy parts as they are in real life. In our family, it wasn’t a huge deal, but others might not want this. I think it helped with our son’s learning process and this is not something we use to teach Sister about going potty.

This was a fun book to own. I didn’t include it in our main picture because we gave it to a friend who was helping her son potty learn last year. There is a boy doll with a potty that can be purchased, too.

No Potty! Yes, Potty! by Emily Bolam

My children love this book because it is a flap book. It also has easy words that they can recognize and “read.” It is simple and a bit old-fashioned. I know that this is a boy book, but it can also be read and understood by a girl, especially because it doesn’t mention a boy, per se (like its counterpart book, Go Girl! Go Potty!) A great buy for us.


Brother also had the boy version of this book and liked it. The girl version is fun, too. You can order the plush doll with a little potty, too.
This book is the same as the boy version, but with a girl (Hannah) as the main character.
This book is so cute! It is very pink and very girly. It has an adorable story, too. What we like about it is that it comes with a reward chart and star stickers for it (pink stars, of course!). I love that the little girl is always smiling and it helps make the potty learning experience more fun and happier.
My Potty Book by Precious Moments
 This is an older book, but really cute for girls (especially sweet for those Mommas that grew up with Precious Moments dolls and figurines).
The girl version of Pirate Potty (in the boy section above) is Princess Potty by Samantha Berger
We do not own this book, but it has pretty high ratings and good reviews. If it is anything like Pirate Potty, I would feel confident getting it without previewing it.

 A highly recommended one that we have heard of is Go Girl! Go Potty! by Emily Bolam

How to Potty Train Your Monster by Kelly DiPucchio

This is a funny book. It is a hand-me-down that we got and we liked it. Many of the humor in it would go right over my children’s heads, I find. It was, in my opinion, meant to be humorous to parents. It helped me make the potty process a bit brighter.

Time to Pee by Mo Willems

What a funny and cute book! It has more text than I’d like (it contains very thorough steps on how to go #1), so I decided to read it during those times that we were waiting to go #2 (it can take a bit longer).
This is such a fun buy for us! We haven’t used much of the toilet paper roll it comes with, but we have used the other material included endlessly. 
This caddy includes: a 32-page full-color book, four toddler-size “magazines” for bathroom reading (including Vanity Fairy, BQ -Babies Quarterly-, Rolling Stroller, and Sports Animated), 100 toilet targets, reward stickers, a potty chart, a helpful brochure for parents (written by a pediatrician) and a child’s very own roll of toilet paper on a refillable holder. 
I really hope that this post was helpful when it comes to which literature to purchase while going through this very necessary stage in our little ones’ lives. I hope your experience is great and may your littles be on their way to “dry” quickly. 

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