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Our Favorite Pirate Books

We just finished a very fun unit on… you guessed it! Arrrrrr! Pirates! We had a wonderful time learning about them, reading about them and even talking like them!

I will be sharing what we did in a couple of posts so it doesn’t become a super long post. I will link them up to each other so you can find them all as they publish.

We are so excited to share all this with you! And don’t forget to see our book list hub! It is full of lists of books on all kinds of topics on all subjects! You will love it and find it very helpful!

Our Favorite Pirate Books

This is our first post from our Pirate Unit. It is about Arrrrr! Favorite Pirate Books. To find out more about the books, simply click on the book title or the book image. Easy. Enjoy!

The Pirates Next Door

This was my favorite book out of the bunch. It has amazing illustrations, it is very entertaining and it has a great storyline. We enjoyed reading it. This book is great for children ages 3-7, but my 2-year old loved listening to me read the story.

Aye, My Eye! (Barnacle Barb & Her Pirate Crew)

This is a story where a girl is the Captain of a Pirate ship and it narrates the intricacies of being a Pirate. Her crew appreciates her and go out of their way to cheer her up when she is feeling down. The adventures in this book are fun for boys and girls.

The Pirate of Kindergarten

This is an amazing book. So touching! This little girl had undiagnosed double-vision and this was becoming a problem. They solve it in a beautiful way. This book is 40 pages long and is great for children Kindergarten through about 2nd grade.

How I Became a Pirate

This is a fun story on how to become a pirate. One thing that I love about this book is that it was illustrated by my favorite Caldecott-honor winning illustrator, David Shannon. I highly recommend it.

Pirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match

This is a story that begins with a fight between two pirates (who think they are the meanest) and as the back and forth talk ensues, the fight escalates, but progresses into a very, very sweet romantic ending.

Edward and the Pirates

This book was very engaging. It is about a boy who loves to read and as her read a book about Pirates, the book comes to life and he finds himself amongst them! Since the Pirates cannot read, Edward read a story to them. This book is for children ages 3-6, but I would also recommend it for children who can already read so they can read it themselves.

Do Pirates Take Baths?

This is such a funny book. It goes through 13 questions about Pirates. It is full of wit and funny expressions. We laughed a lot reading this particular book. The illustrations fit well with the story.

Here are some more Pirate ideas:

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Our Favorite Pirate Books

All in all, we enjoyed all of them and they served for inspiration for our Pirate unit. If you could only purchase two of the books above, which one would you choose?

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