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Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}

Welcome to our free shark games for kids with some awesome printables! I tried hard to resemble the different kinds of sharks to put together a great and fun set. In this post, you will see four different ways to use your shark printable set. You will love these games and your children will, too! Come take a look!

Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}

Free Homeschool Printables Shark Games for Kids


For this “game” or activity, you will print out this set 2 times in black and white on cardstock. Cut out the squares separately. I recommend a guillotine. Keep the two sets apart as you cut them. With only one set, you will separate the shark silhouette from the shark’s name. Laminate for durability.

The child will place the cards with names attached in a spaced-out manner on the floor or on a table. Next, he/she will take the pictures of the second set and match the pictures to the corresponding card that was placed first. Lastly, the child will match each shark name and place the name under the shark picture. See picture below.

Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}

 National Geographic Readers: Sharks! (Science Reader Level 2) 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model Hark! A Shark!: All About Sharks (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) Shark Toy Animals (12 Count) Sharks (Discovery Kids)



For this game, you will need set one from the first game (the one with the shark silhouette with the name attached) and one more copy just like it. Play the memory game by shuffling both sets of cards and flipping them over.

Take turns flipping 2 cards and hopefully, they will match. If not, turn both of them over and keep track of what those sharks were. It is he next person’s turn. If you did find a matching set, keep that set and you get a second turn. Have fun!

We used some Shark Fact Cards and an Ocean Encyclpedia to increase the knowledge and the fun. In the shark fact cards deck, you will find all of the 9 sharks that are in our printable. I highly recommend getting it. I asked my children to look at the 9 cards of the sharks we are currently studying and to pick their favorites. You can see them below. 😉

Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}


This game is fun. Simply print this collage on a regular piece of paper for each child playing. Grab a pencil and head over to your computer or tablet or to the library to find one fact about each shark on the page. We used this Ocean Encyclpedia and this awesome deck of Shark Fact Cards

Write the facts on the back of each shark. For it to be more fun for older kids, let them work on their own or if they are very social and work well as a team, let them put this presentation together as a team.

For younger children, they will need adult help. You can recruit your librarian’s help or simply use encyclopedias or books about sharks that you already have at home. When ready, have the children read the facts aloud to the other children. If they worked as a team, they can take turns reading one fact. Have fun and enjoy this multi-game activity!

Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}


You could also play bingo using these cards. All you have to do is get creative and shuffle the sharks around on the different boards that the kids will play on.

Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}

 Sharks (Usborne Fact Cards) Sharks (Usborne Lift-the-Flap Learners) Sharks (Usborne Beginners) The Mountain Kids Wicked Nasty Shark T-Shirt, Small, Blue Shark Excavation Activity Kit


Fish Notebooking Pages

Free Shark Games for Kids {Printables}


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