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Fun Historical Fiction for Kids

We love fun Historical Fiction for kids, especially the form of audiobooks by Heirloom Audio Productions.  This time, we are reviewing Captain Bayley’s Heir. Let me tell you all about it in this post.

I am thinking that my children are either just like me or I have definitely rubbed off on them on my love for literature. My favorite genre is Historical Fiction. I read a lot of books about Historical characters that have done all kinds of fun and important things.

We love fun Historical Fiction for kids, especially those that are engaging and interesting.

Historical Fiction for Kids

We have listened to pretty much all of Heirloom Audio Productions’ audiobooks because they are all based on the wonderful adventure Historical Fiction books by G.A. Henty. We love G.A. Henty! If you need an idea for a classic book for kids, start with audiobooks to get them introduced to the genre in a fun and attractive way.

Captain Bayley’s Heir is an audio book for children. Well, it’s perfect for the entire family, actually. It isn’t a book that is read aloud by a famous actor, though. This audio book is what we like to call “audio theater.” That’s right! It is acted. It is in the form of a movie for the ears. There are special effects and background music. The soundtrack is beyond amazing and the actors have the most fantastic voices!

We love fun Historical Fiction for kids, especially those that are engaging and interesting.

Historical Fiction Audiobook

This awesome audio book for children is set in a different time than other G.A. Henty stories. This one includes the Old West! The gist of the story is this: A boy travels from England to America and he sets out to go with a caravan on a trip to California during the time of the famous Gold Rush.

There are cowboys and Indians. There are horses, illnesses of the time, the typical saloon fights and also a sense of family discovery and restoration. We love listening to it in the car, but it is a lot of fun to actually listen to it in our homeschool room, just imagining what it would’ve been like to live during that time.

Heirloom Audio Productions does a wonderful job at making these characters rich in content and substance. We enjoyed the ending when the family makes the discovery (don’t worry I won’t give away the fantastic ending) that brings them together. Listen to this story to find out who Captain Bailey’s heir is! You will seriously love this journey in audio form!

We love fun Historical Fiction for kids, especially those that are engaging and interesting.

Historical Fiction Bonus Resources

This Historical Fiction audiobook for kids is made out of the best quality. But it doesn’t end there, which is even more amazing. There are more resources for each audio book set. First, this 2-CD set comes in a beautiful case that keeps them safe from scratches. It also includes a booklet with information on more audio books.

Then there is also a way to log into their website to have access to the mp3 version of the audiobook (which is great to have on a table, a smartphone or any digital player). There is also access to the phenomenal soundtrack and printable posters about the audiobook.

My favorite resource is, hands down, their study guide. That is right! Homeschoolers can now study that time period and that story with this very thorough and very handy study guide. Every chapter has at least on page with a defining words list, a list of questions about that chapter and discussion points.

We really liked using this in our homeschool because it sets the tone to not just listen for amusement, but also for learning about that time period. I found it very helpful that there are nuggets of information for the chapters that would be interesting to research more. I love that they point those things out for us to dig deeper.

For example, in the chapter below, you see how they explain about the currency of the time and the conversion rates. That made it even clearer to us when they kept talking about one of the characters taking 10 pounds to pay a debt. And it is so in all the chapters. This is a 38-page study guide that is very complete and I love having it to really get the most out of this great audio book.

We love fun Historical Fiction for kids, especially those that are engaging and interesting.

More Historical Fiction Fun

In short, we love their historical fiction audiobooks! We highly recommend them and no matter which one you choose, I am confident that you and your family will love it!

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