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God Made All of Me – Protecting our Children from Sexual Abuse

{Book Review} The best way, as parents, to be protecting children from sexual abuse and sexual predators is to talk to them about it. We need to arm them with the tools they need. That way, they will be empowered and be able to stand up for themselves and speak up.God Made All of Me - Protecting Children Sexual Abuse

But isn’t this conversation such a hard one? How do you know how to begin, How much is too much? How much is too little? Have you been looking for a gentle approach to the conversation every family needs to have? We have found the perfect way to do this the right way, which is, in my opinion, using God’s Word.

God Made All of Me - Protecting Children Sexual Abuse

God Made All of Me

Protecting children from sexual abuse is paramount. That is why I am so glad to be sharing with you what my husband I have used to approach this important topic with our young children. They are currently four and six years old. The resource we have used is a book called God Made All of Me.

God Made all of Me is an excellent book for both parents and children. It is Bible-based. It includes facts, statistics, scripture verses and the important items to discuss with children in conversational form. If parents read through it for tips on how to talk to their children, it will work perfectly. It can also be read to the children out loud.

God Made All of Me - Protecting Children Sexual Abuse

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

Like I said, the book is for both parents and children, so it does contain information for parent only in it. I personally share he story/conversational part with my children (it has beautiful illustrations), but don’t leave it out for them to read at their own leisure yet. Maybe when they are older.

I like how both Mom and Dad were having the conversation with their children in the story, showing the children that both parents are in agreement to what they are talking to them about. I like it that scripture verses are sprinkled throughout the book, confirming time and time again that God made us and that He loves us and wants to protect us.

God Made All of Me - Protecting Children Sexual Abuse

I highly recommend God Made All of Me. It is a wonderful resource to have on hand and read regularly as a family. I suggest that parents read it on their own first, so they can read all of the tips given in the back of the book (the part that is for parents only). There are a couple of pages at the beginning for parent only, too (the one with statistics and such).

God Made All of Me is 32 pages long, hard-bound, with beautiful illustrations. The authors, Justin S. Holcomb, PhD and Lindsey A. Holcomb, MPH are married. He is a minister and professor of theology. Lindsey counsels victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. They have authored more books together: Is it My Fault? and Rid of My Disgrace.

God Made All of Me - Protecting Children Sexual Abuse

Click HERE to see some sample pages (click on the picture of the book).

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God Made All of Me - Protecting Children Sexual Abuse

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