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Human Body Games for Kids

Human Body Games for Kids

Are you ready to learn to play some really fun human body games for kids? You and your children will absolutely love these activities because they aren’t just beautiful and adorable and super cool, but they are also educational! My children have learned so much about the anatomy of the human body, including organs and glands that we don’t see or hear about often, which is amazing.

 Humongous Heart Plush Figure – I Got The Beat! Colon Plush – You Move Me – I Heart Guts Series Powerful Pancreas Plush – Gimme Some Sugar! – I Heart Guts Series Big Brain Plush – All You Need Is Lobe! – I Heart Guts Series Giant Microbes Brain Cell (Neuron) Plush Toy


Human Body Games for Kids

We are so excited to review these beautiful products. They are human organs, glands and more. We want to thank I Heart Guts for sending us these fun plush toys, stickers and laminated placemat. Our first activity after surprising my littles with an anatomically correct heart and a tooth (molar) was to learn more about each. I picked these two because my daughter is such a sweetheart and my son is all about losing his baby teeth.

 Colossal Kidney Plush – When Urine Love! – I Heart Guts Series Thundering Thyroid Plush I Heart Guts Endocrine Gland Hormone Gigantic Gallbladder Plush Rectum Plush – Bringing Up the Rear – I Heart Guts Series I Heart Guts Tooth Plush – Flossin’ Ain’t Just for Gangstas


Human Body Games for Kids

Each plush comes with a tag that has awesome information. We read each tag and all of the funny (and very educational) educational information. The tags are big enough to not get lost, but small enough for little hands. Aren’t these beautiful?!

My children had fun throwing their plush toy in the air as they said its name when they would catch it. Then, they would throw them at each other and they would say the name of the plush toy that they would catch. You should have heard all of the giggles coming from our homeschool room while they were playing!

 Uterus Plush Figure – Womb Service Oversized Ovary Plush Ova Achiever I Heart Guts Placenta Baby’s First Roommate Designer Plush Figure I Heart Guts LARGE LIVER Designer Plush Figure – I’m A Liver Not A Fighter from the I Heart Guts Series Prostate Plush Designer Plush I Heart Guts A Seminal Work New Larger Size!


Human Body Games for Kids

Human Body Games for Kids

My children loved their human body games for kids, but little did they know I had more surprises for them. Our wonderful sponsor also sent us an amazing laminated placemat with all 53 of their products as well as a pack of 15 giant stickers. Just to name a few, they have intestines, skin, bladder, brain, lungs, spleen, uterus, stomach, eyeball, placenta, prostate, thyroid, etc.

For this game, we read through the laminated placemat. It has the name of the organ, gland, etc and a small description of what its job is in the human body. Watch the video to get an idea on the descriptions. We read them all! It was so much fun.

 Skin Plush – In the Flesh – I Heart Guts SPECTACULAR SPLEEN Designer Plush Figure – Mean Spleen Fighting Machine! from the I Heart Guts Series Massive Appendix Plush I Heart Guts Feel It In Your Guts Lymph Node Plush – Rock Your Antibody – I Heart Guts I Heart Guts Eyeball Plush – Party Pupil in the House!



Look above. That was the setup to the next game. I put the placemat and the sticks side by side. We went through each of the 15 giant stickers to recognize them. Then, I placed the giant stickers in a wooden box. My children took turns picking one sticker out of the box without looking and when they saw the sticker they picked, they had to name the organ, gland, etc and found it to the placemat.

Human Body Games for Kids

I know these human body games for kids seems simple, but you should’ve seen how much fun they had. They played these games over and over and then some more. And if you look at the top picture in the collage above, you will see our top picks.

 SUPER STOMACH Designer Plush Figure – I Ache For You! from the I Heart Guts Series Immense Intestine Plush – Go With Your Gut! – I Heart Guts Series Periodic Table of Your Period Chart by I Heart Guts I Heart Guts Heart of Gold Metallic Plush Adrenal Gland Plush What A Rush I Heart Guts


In other words, if we were to order one, just one of these amazing plush toys, I’d pick the beautiful skin, my oldest would pick the brain (pun intended) or the stomach and my daughter would pick the gallbladder (no real significance there, except that her favorite color is purple).

Human Body Games for Kids

What do you say? Do you think they learned with these amazing products? Do you want some now? Did you know they have pins, keychains, t-shirts and so much more? Take a look HERE or click on only picture! Which ones would you pick? I, personally, really want them all. Really. I need them all.

Human Body Games for Kids

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Human Body Games for Kids

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  1. I wish the company would sell all of these in a set with the placemat. This would be a fun homeschool co-op class, but I would rather buy the entire set at a good discount than buying them individually.


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