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All About Apples! {Free Printable}

It is almost back to school and we are all so excited, running around and gathering our goodies for back to school. Yes, we homeschool and yes again, we homeschool year-round, but we like to have a “starting point” every year. I figured we could have August or September as our starting month. As homeschoolers, is there a preferred month to start and end school?

In this post, we are so excited to show you a lesson we did on apples with an awesome book we read and we are offering our apple craft as a free printable for you to do at home, too. Why apples? Well, apples have always been a symbol for school in my mind and I like to sometimes take apples to my teachers growing up (or just give them the apple out of my own lunchbox). We hope you enjoy this lesson!

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

Amazing Apple Books

We LOVE our “Secrets of the Apple Tree” book! It is, first of all, very entertaining for adults and children alike, it is educational, sharing many interesting facts about apple trees and it has a very unique feature that will keep your children coming back to read it over and over! The secret? You need a flashlight to discover the secrets in the book!

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

Look low to see what I am talking about. First, you read the page and see a beautiful apple tree on it. Then, you dim the lights, turn your flashlight on and shine it on the back of the page to reveal what is hiding inside the tree. It is amazing!All About Apples! {Free Printable}

I wish you would’ve seen my children’s faces as we discovered secrets in every page! The discovered all kinds of creatures and things that were hiding in and around the apple tree!

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

Here is another example with the apple. I am trying to not give away the story, but these pictures are just too cool to not share! It’ll make you want to get your children their own copy, for sure! Wouldn’t it be fun to read this book on their first day of school?! I think yes!

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

There are other flashlight books by the same company that you might want to check out. This one is “Secrets of the Apple Tree.” They also have “Secrets of the Rain Forest,” “Secrets of the Seashore” and even “Secrets of Winter!”


Going back to the apple book, we read more books that thought us about apple trees and about apples. I will share those with you below. It is exciting to see children so engaged in learning and making lessons interactive and fun.

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

Here are some more books we read:

Apples, Apples and Apples! 🙂 Three great books named the same! 🙂

Apple Counting Craft {Free Printable}

I made this craft with my 3-year old princess and she was focused, excited and admiring the beautiful end product. Here is what you need: print the free printable set (at the end of this post) in color, contact paper (about 2 feet by 8 inches or so), scissors and a child.

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

Once you pretend the set, cut the numbered apples into a long rectangle (like you see below) and set it aside for a minute. Then cut all of the nine larger apples carefully. It is quick, so you can do it with your child there or prior to doing the activity. Cut the number rectangles as well.
All About Apples! {Free Printable} Steps:

1. Place the numbered apples rectangle in front of your child and the number rectangles all mixed up.

2. Ask your child to take one number rectangle and find the matching number on the numbered apples. Place the number rectangle over the correct number. Continue to do so until all 9 numbers are in place. Once the numbers are matched up correctly, set that aside.

You can have your child pick up numbers randomly (for example, 6,8,1,5,9, etc) and ask him/her the name of that number or you can also ask your child to find the numbers in order (for example 1,2,3,4,5,etc).

3. Place a rectangle of contact paper in front of your child. It should be about 24 inches (2 feet) long and about 8 inches wide. Take the backing off and have the contact paper face up (sticky part is facing up).

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

4. On the top and center of the contact paper, place the title of the craft (also included in the printable) or feel free to make your own.

5. Use the numbered apple rectangle as a key for your child to see the correct order of the apples. One by one, have your child place the apples on the sticky contact paper in the correct order until they are all in place.

6. Next come the numbers. Your child now has the numbers ordered on the numbered apples rectangle, so all he/she has to do is transfer them to the contact paper, placing one number underneath each apple.

7. The last step is to take the contact paper and place it on the back of a glass door or window. It looks beautiful when light hits it and when it is dark inside, too.

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

Sister has been admiring her craft since she made it and loves having it displayed on our glass door like that. What do you think? Will you put together a fun lesson on apples for Back to School?

Grab your printable set here!


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All About Apples! {Free Printable}

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  1. It looks like you had so much fun with this apple unit! 🙂 I love the printable. Thank you for linking up at “A Little Bird Told Me” link party. You have been featured on Mama’s Happy Hive blog. 🙂


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